Friday, December 2, 2011

In Search of MIA Ernesto

L-R:  A colorful display of 1/6 playscale figures:  GI Joe Army National Guard (a recent arrival), Power Team Elite Asian S.W.A.T. figure, another recent acquisition; and GI Joe "Grunt" (inherited from Son)

Now that I have added an authentic-looking Asian action figure to the mix of several African Americans and the Caucasian "Joe" inherited from my son, this segment of my collection needs a Hispanic 1/6 scale action figure.  Whenever he arrives, if he has actually been made, Ernesto (prenamed) will be my first Hispanic male action figure. I visualize him as a deep-tan complexioned, dark-haired, dark-eyed, handsome, muscular (okay enough adjectives already) action figure.

I have a series of questions:
  • Other than the unattractive Hispanic figure by Triad, are there any affordable others from which to choose?  
  • Has Ken ever had a Hispanic friend? 
  • Why are Asian and Hispanic action figures underrepresented? 
  • Is there no demand for Asian and Hispanic action figures or are major doll manufacturers merely focused on producing and selling dolls that look like the so-called majority? 
Outside my own collector's box, I acknowledge that other ethnicities probably experience the same frustration in finding their place and representation in doll world.  In almost 2012 this should not be our reality.

Close-up of my new and relatively new men

Your leads on helping me find my missing in action Ernesto to add to this mix will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Power Team elite has a couple of Hispanic looking figures.

  2. Thanks, Melissa for the heads-up. I'll check Big Lots, which is where I found the Asian S.W.A.T figure.


  3. Maybe ethnic folks need to start sending e mails in to doll and action figure companies. With enough requests, the manufacturers will realize there is a market, and they will do their darndest to fulfill it, especially if they hear a "Cha-ching!" and have visions of dancing $$$.

    I got into a friendly debate with someone, about how there IS a market for other than blondes, because many folks will choose dolls with something in common with them - with me, it is blue eyed brunettes or ravens.

    This is not to say I won't collect other ethnicities. It's a big, beautiful world out there. Now, to get the major doll and action figure companies to realize this.

    Good luck in your Ernesto quest!

  4. Hi Miladyblue, I'm sure others, like me, have requested (dolls in my case) the types of dolls and AFs they'd like marketed. Sometimes it takes companies a while to catch up and actually get it.

    I have personally been writing doll companies about the lack of black dolls since 1977 (the year my daughter was born). I have only written one AF manufacturer, Hot Toys. They are pretty good about creating a diverse line. My past requests have only been for AA figures. Emails are in order for my Ernesto.

    Thanks for the well wishes in my quest to find him.


  5. Amen. Preach sistah. Other than the new Power Team guy I just got, and made Hispanic, I can't help you. You did see mine because you left a comment, but I guess he doesn't fit the bill.

  6. Thanks, Vanessa. Yes, I did see your figure, but as stubbornly persistent as I am about certain things, I am looking for authenticity. I don't understand why manufacturers don't get it.

    On a positive note, after I posted my comment to Miladyblue yesterday, I decided to browse the Internet once more to see if I had missed my Ernesto in my previous "Hispanic action figure" search.

    I found two AA-complexioned (Hershey brown) GI Joes that Hasbro labeled Hispanic... not good enough. Another that a seller labeled "Hispanic" that has an ebony skin tone (?).

    I kept "linking to" and voila! I found my Ernesto. He's on his way. I am so excited that I will feature him in my next blog prior to his arrival.

    Stay tuned.


  7. Male Doll World showed a few Hispanic figures in October.

    Hot Toys has a handsome Hispanic action figure.

    Aside from the recent Rebelde guys, Mattel had previously issued Derek as part of their Rocker line. If you don't mind huge heads, Hasbro's Rio might have been Hispanic.

    There are Latin singer dolls like Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias shown on Kankalas Flickr albums.

    I cannot believe that I didn't do any posts on Hispanic male action figures.

    Oh and a recent one, Dynamite Girls friend, Hot Stuff Cruz was out and sold out in a flash.

    Just the ones I can think of offhand ;-)

  8. Thanks for sharing links to past and current (but sold out) Hispanic playscale figures. By now you know that I have located the one that fits the description of what I desired, Hasbro's GI Joe Juan.

    None of the others at the links, had I known about them previously, would have worked for me with the exception of Cruz, maybe.

    My Ernesto is definitely Juan.

    Thanks again.

    I think you should post a blog to include these links for others who are faced with my former dilemma.


  9. You're welcome, Debbie. Glad to help when I can. I am glad that you were able to get your Juan Joe and your Roy Joe.

    Thanks for suggesting that I do a post on Hispanic male dolls and action figures ;-)

    Aside: I submitted a post late last night about some new ethnic male figures. SuperCoolDollHouse tipped me off about them.


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