Thursday, December 1, 2011

DOLLS and Teddy Bear Review Holiday Gift Guide

Precious Moments Christmas Tiana designed by Linda Rick exclusively for Disney Theme Parks (see pages 10-11 at the following link)

Click here to view 62 pages of doll and teddy bear holiday gift ideas brought to you by DOLLS Magazine.  After your browsing is completed, click the Dolls for Sale blog link below to view my new post, "Christmas Dolls for Little Ones."


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    1. A very nice informational blog.Keep on making such important blog post.Your work is really being appreciated by some one.

  2. I almost didn't look at the 62 page maagazine. So glad I did! That was really nice. Nice to see so many different choices. Such a beautiful layout, too.

  3. I'm glad you looked, Vanessa. It's nice to browse. So far you're the only one who commented on DOLLS (magazine's)Doll and Teddy Bear Review Holiday Gift Guide.

    Doll Reader sent me one too with many of the same dolls in theirs, so I didn't bother to share it.

    I wonder if you're the only one who visited the link.


  4. I think if people had looked at the link, they would have commented about it, because the pics were much more than I expected. I have to admit hearing 62 pages sounded daunting and I almost didn't hit the button. I need to save the link to browse through again and again.


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