Monday, May 8, 2017

Coquette Cissy's Scaly Skin Rash

I scribbled this on a piece of paper and placed it on my desk as a descriptive-term reminder.  (Eczema had been my first thought.)  My daughter saw the note and asked, "Who has a scaly skin rash?"*

Romance and Roses Coquette Cissy (Cissy), like many other Madame Alexander dolls I own, arrived with a skin condition that I used to refer to as the Madame Alexander Doll Disease.  I no longer refer to it as a disease because it is not contagious (not that all human diseases are, but doll diseases are and will spread from doll to doll, e.g. the Hard Plastic Doll Disease).

In these two photos (above and below), Cissy's skin condition is now only visible on her lower body and legs.  Before these photos were taken, the dry, scaly appearance also covered her torso as well as her arms.  By the time I decided to document the "cure," I had already treated her torso and arms.

The generalized "dryness" that remained on her lower body and legs can be better seen in this photo.  

In this photo taken in 2010 of Cissy, the condition can be seen on the visible portions of her décolleté.

Several Madame Alexander dolls that are made from the company's version of the original 1950s hard plastic materials will often turn a grayish color on their legs that mimics the appearance of dry skin. This condition, as in the case of Cissy, can also occur on their arms and torsos.  Usually the dolls' faces are spared because these are made from different materials.  I have been so disgusted by this and have not purchased older (1990s) Madame Alexander dolls in quite some time, as I have found that usually dolls prior to the manufacture year of 2000 are more susceptible to developing this condition.  There are exceptions to the age-of-the-doll rule, with Cissy, manufactured in 2005, being one of those exceptions.

After recently rearranging the shelf on which Cissy is displayed, I removed her dress to see if another doll could wear it (one of my Curvy Barbies).  She could not.  Before redressing Cissy, I examined her "condition" and decided to attempt a remedy.

The Remedy
I applied a small amount of coconut-scented Karelen Dry Oil to the affected areas and rubbed it in thoroughly.  The dryness vanished instantly as illustrated in the next series of photos.

Karelen Dry Oil has been applied to one-half of Cissy's pelvic area and to one leg.

View from the back of the one-half lower body treatment

Frontal view of entire treated body, arms, and legs

Post-treatment view from the back shows the dryness is cured.

To be certain the treated areas were not oily and and that the dryness had not returned, I waited 48 hours before redressing Cissy.

After 48 hours, her "skin" continues to have an even color.  Whether or not the cure is permanent or only temporary is uncertain, but the unsightly dryness is gone.

Her pink shimmery stockings and white high-heel shoes are back on.

Elbow-length pink gloves are back on, too.

Finally, she is thrilled to have even skin tone and to be wearing her well-made pink gown once again.
Romance and Roses Coquette Cissy's male companion is a hybrid Integrity Toys Tariq, whose new name is Juan.  His head is now on an action figure body.

Above, Cissy rejoins her mate, who (according to my husband) is not a good fit for her. "That doll couple doesn't match.  The man has a character face; the doll has a doll face." (He was right in 2010 when he said this and he is still right now, but they choose to remain a couple.  It is interesting how he referred to Juan as "the man," and Cissy as "the doll.")

*I could tell from my daughter's facial expression and silence as I answered her question, "Who has a scaly skin rash?" that she just does not understand the passion of a doll enthusiast.  My answer was brief, but because the condition involved a doll (and not one of her children, whom she was here to pick up), I do not think she really cared.  I guess some people will never understand my passion for dolls, and I am completely okay with that as long as they stay in their lanes by enjoying whatever it is they are passionate about and allowing me to do the same.

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