Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ZiZi Goes Shoe Shopping

As illustrated above, ZiZi's original black shoes did not work well with her new clothes.  They look too much like work shoes.  I had gone through the doll shoe stash several times without success in finding a suitable pair for her to wear with her camel sheath, animal-print shrug, and gold lamé shoulder bag.

After a week or two of wearing the black shoes, ZiZi noticed a pair of beige sandals worn by "Romper Chic (RC)," and said to her:

"I love your shoes.  May I try them on?"  RC agreed.
ZiZi thanked her and asked, "Do you think these go well with this dress?"  RC replied, "Yes, but what will I wear?  I'm certainly not wearing those black shoes you had on."
Overhearing this conversation, I decided to recheck the doll stash for shoes for RC where I found a  pair of yellow mock fringe, open-toe booties.  RC tried these on.  The somewhat overbearing ZiZi saw the yellow booties and liked those, too.  She said:

"Oooo girl, those look good on you.  I think I like those better.  Here, you can have your shoes back.  Let me try those on, please?"
The ever compliant RC gave the yellow booties to ZiZi and was actually happy to have her own shoes back.

ZiZi loved the fit and look of the yellow booties, but in the back of her head she thought, "These shoes are yellow and I'm not wearing yellow."  In the back of RC's head, she thought, "I'm not letting go of my shoes again, no matter what."

Closer look at the yellow booties
This woman is so hard to please.  She continued wearing the yellow shoes for about a week, but sensing her discontent, I returned to the shoe stash one final time and found a pair of gold lamé flat sandals that match the color of her hobo purse.

ZiZi is finally pleased with these sandals.

The sandals are not made for Curvy Barbie's foot size, and in human shoe-fitting standards would actually be too small for ZiZi, but she likes them and for now, that's all that matters.

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