Tuesday, December 17, 2019

More Cheap Fashion Doll Thrills

This girl from China finally arrived wearing the black short-sleeved top and ethnic print shirt shown in the above image.  Because the waist of the skirt is too wide for her, I immediately redressed her in a denim dress purchased from Instagrammer, Laylee.m.doll.clothes.

She wears the ruffled-collar denim dress with her pink high heels.  She continues to wear her silver-tone earrings and permanently attached necklace.

She actually has a beautiful face.  For years I hesitated to buy dolls with this head sculpt because of the long chin, but she is actually quite attractive.

I like her even better wearing this Sparkle Girlz fashion.

She poses here with a My Scene Jai look-alike and two other Barbie competitors.

Family Dollar Finds
-Wedding Set

I purchased this couple from Family Dollar when they were having a buy-one-get-one 75% off sale.  I purchased two sets.  The other was for someone who had been looking for the set in her area for a while.

The guy gives me a Frank Sinatra vibe.   He wears a gray tuxedo, white shirt, black tie, and black shoes.  His straight combed-back hair is molded.  His eyes are brown.

Distributed by Midwood Brands, LLC, the female doll uses the same head sculpt as the Glimma Girlz dolls from Family Dollar.  She too has pencil-thin legs, but I have no immediate plans to remove her full-length wedding gown.
The bride has black rooted straight hair and brown painted eyes.  As seen in their first photo, a pink bouquet and silver-tone necklace are attached to the box liner.

Also from Family Dollar, distributed by the same company as the Wedding Set were two additional dolls that I purchased a couple of weeks after purchasing the Wedding set.  I had seen the biker earlier but dismissed her initially because of the bike.  (I collect dolls not accessories because I have no room for the extra paraphernalia.)  After someone shared a close-up photo of her striking facial sculpt, I went back to Family Dollar and purchased her and another rather FLD (funny looking doll) just because she is different and because she has shapely (instead of pencil-thin) legs.  Their photos are shared next.

-Family Dollar Biker
This $10-priced doll includes the pedal bicycle with a helmet, a yellow puppy, and a pet basket.

The bike pedals are attached to the liner above the helmet.  The bike also has a kickstand!

Doesn't she have a lovely face?  Her lip color complements her complexion.  Incidentally, the doll from China could be used as a body donor for this doll, but I have no plans to do that.  I'd buy another one from China first.

-Family Dollar Teacher
This is the FLD I referred to earlier.   She was sold in a set as a teacher, a nurse, and a third version that slips my mind.  The teacher includes a stand-alone blackboard.  Each one was priced $5 as shown on this doll's box.

Her shapely legs can be seen in the image on the back of the box and in the next photo.
She wears gray high-heel shoes with a plastic-feeling dress.

This photo was taken with the doll still attached to the box liner but removed from the outer box.  Her black rooted hair does not appear to be closely rooted based on a gap in the rooting that is visible on one side, but I have not fully examined the hair.

What a face!  At least one collector has transformed this doll into a male.  I have no plans to do that, but it is an option.

Janay & Jordan Holiday Set Special Edition

Janay and Jordan Holiday Set Special Edition, Integrity Toys 1999

The Janay & Jordan Holiday Set Special Edition by Integrity Toys has the copyright year of 1999.  One of my Facebook friends who faithfully follows my blog posts there found this set at her local Goodwill and offered it to me at cost plus shipping.  Prior to receiving this set, I owned only one Jordan and only two Janay dolls that use this original Janay head sculpt (Janay Princess Delight and African Dancer Janay).

The back of the box illustrates the couple in a holiday setting that differs from the backdrop used for the box liner.

This Janay is dressed in a lovely burgundy gown that has a full skirt with a black raised leaf design.  She also wears dark red faux ruby drop earrings and necklace and a gold ring.  Her shoes are probably red, based on the image on the back of the box.

The backdrop image is a room decorated for the holiday with a Christmas tree, wreath, white poinsettias, and other holiday decor.

Janay's black rooted hair is styled in a top bun with twisted strands of hair.  The bun has gray streaks.  Jordan has black molded hair and wears a black tuxedo, white shirt, red cummerbund, and black shoes.  Both dolls have brown painted eyes.

Thanks again, Frankie, for offering the Janay & Jordan set to me.


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