Monday, September 30, 2013

Thrift Store Chic

I found another Chic doll during my last trip to the thrift store.  She has a darker complexion than the one I found previously.

Chic doll rescued from thrift store for $2.99

When found she wore a Barbie-tagged striped top and leatherette riding pants.  Her hair was a mess.

I restyled her as shown above:  combed her hair and dressed her in a Target-exclusive Artsy fashion.  The fuchsia in the dress matches her molded-on stud earrings.  The shoes and matching purse are from a Barbie Fashionistas accessory pack.

Full view and close-up of ©2008 Chic Dolls

This newer-to-me one has a closed mouth while the other Chic doll, found a few weeks ago, has an open mouth with painted teeth.  That one has jointed knees and a twist and turn waist.  This latest one has a swivel waist only. Both are very lovely.

After meeting, they engaged in the following brief conversation:

Chic 1:  So glad she stopped by the thrift store and didn't leave you there.

Chic 2:  So am I.  I was a little worried, though.  When I heard her ask a nearby shopper what the 50% off color of the week was, knowing my blue tag was not the color, I thought she was going to leave me there!  I had the sense then that she didn't want to pay $2.99 for me.  She examined me for what seemed like forever through the plastic baggie before finally taking me to the register.  Girl, I  was so relieved.


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  1. She is nice! I'm not familiar with these dolls. That last picture really shows how beautiful she is. The conversation was funny. I can just picture you in the store contemplating getting her, and her inside the plastic bag sweating it out. I'm glad you rescued her.

  2. She really is a beautiful doll. Her hair covered her face while in the baggie. I had to move it away through the baggie to see her face. Then I had to move it to see her neck markings. She probably was sweating it out. I really didn't want to pay $2.99 but decided to get her to eliminate any later regret.

    The beauty and facial structure of many non-Barbie fashion dolls is often striking. I often overlooked them in the past, but now I give them an equal opportunity to join the doll family here. :-)


  3. The Chic Boutique dolls are pretty. Nice that they come in a range of complexions, too. It is nice to find a different face from Mattel faces - love the latter, but in the interest of diversity and freshness, it is lovely to have other faces.

    Congrats on your bargain beauty!

  4. Replies
    1. Esta es una muñeca de hace unos pocos años. No estoy seguro de que veremos esto en México, Lindaivette.


  5. Chic Boutique dolls are my favorite face molds of all. I don't have the one you found -- at least not in that complexion -- so I am envious. Great find!

    1. Say what? I have a Chic boutique that you don't have? Her complexion is naturally what drew me to her followed by her beautiful face. These are some quite lovely dolls, even if they are not fully articulated.


  6. LOL, I love their conversation. I spend so much time going over the thrift dolls I be they get impatient with me and my pickiness.

  7. Just gorgeous. I like the pleather pants as well.


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