Monday, September 30, 2013

Thrift Store Chic

I found another Chic doll during my last trip to the thrift store.  She has a darker complexion than the one I found previously.

Chic doll rescued from thrift store for $2.99

When found she wore a Barbie-tagged striped top and leatherette riding pants.  Her hair was a mess.

I restyled her as shown above:  combed her hair and dressed her in a Target-exclusive Artsy fashion.  The fuchsia in the dress matches her molded-on stud earrings.  The shoes and matching purse are from a Barbie Fashionistas accessory pack.

Full view and close-up of ©2008 Chic Dolls

This newer-to-me one has a closed mouth while the other Chic doll, found a few weeks ago, has an open mouth with painted teeth.  That one has jointed knees and a twist and turn waist.  This latest one has a swivel waist only. Both are very lovely.

After meeting, they engaged in the following brief conversation:

Chic 1:  So glad she stopped by the thrift store and didn't leave you there.

Chic 2:  So am I.  I was a little worried, though.  When I heard her ask a nearby shopper what the 50% off color of the week was, knowing my blue tag was not the color, I thought she was going to leave me there!  I had the sense then that she didn't want to pay $2.99 for me.  She examined me for what seemed like forever through the plastic baggie before finally taking me to the register.  Girl, I  was so relieved.


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