Thursday, September 16, 2021

Preorder Brains and Beauty Nia

Brains and Beauty Dolls Nia

Scheduled to ship in December, preordering has begun for the third doll in the Brains and Beauty Dolls product line. The preorder price of $71.99 is discounted from the retail price of $89.99. The preorder price (plus shipping) can be paid in four interest-free payments of $18 using quadpay, choose this at checkout if desired. The discounted price is good through September 30, 2021. After September 30th, you can still preorder Nia but at the regular price of $89.99 plus shipping.

Nia's details as outlined on the Brains and Beauty Dolls website are as follows:

Meet Nia. She’s 18″ with beautiful brown eyes and beautiful locs. She has a half cloth body, movable head, and limbs made of smooth vinyl. She speaks 20 empowering phrases [when her tummy is pressed].

She comes with:
A pair of purple high top canvas sneakers
Purple and pink “Melanin” tutu dress

Ships in December

Buyers will have a choice of hairstyles for Nia, locs or curly hair. The locs version is shown in this post. Pictures of the curly version will be uploaded to the website soon. Please visit the Brains and Beauty Dolls website to place your preorder today. 


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