Monday, September 13, 2021

Slay All Day Keeki Adaeze with Video

Slay All Day Keeki Adaeze, Integrity Toys

Slay All Day Keeki Adaeze is from Integrity Toys' Meteor Collection. She's gorgeous. Please allow my video review and still photos to illustrate this after reading the manufacturer's doll specifics and description.

Doll Specs

Head Sculpt:
Body Type: Meteor
Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
Skin Tone: Nubian
Hair Color: Dark Brunette
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Quickswitch: No
Design: Vaughn Sawyers

  • 12.5-inch articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Two-piece bathing suit with cool power mesh detailing;
  • Oversized hoop earrings;
  • Cuff bracelet;
  • Matching high-heeled sandals with holographic finish straps;
  • Long manicured hands;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity [COA].

Still Photos

Enclosed in plastic bags, Keeki's accessories were attached to the box liner. 

The COA indicates the production of only 500 dolls; the website indicates the production is an open-edition concept.

Keeki's earrings and bracelet are made of metal (not plastic!); the high-heel shoes have holographic straps.

Keeki strikes her first post...

...and another.

Yes, her face is quite gorgeous. The thick, tightly coiled black hair is closely rooted.

Keeki has a hang tag that reads "Meteor™" on one side and "Integrity Toys" on the other. Her long fingers have pink stiletto fingernails. The hands are removable to easily accommodate her bracelet.

Keeki's toenails are painted pink. The doll stand bears the Meteor™ name.

Janay and Keeki
Color Infusion Janay poses with her new BFF, Slay All Day Keeki Adaeze.

Their head sculpts are strikingly similar.

Just for Fun
Keeki fashioned a skirt from this foam fruit net which probably needs to be belted.

I've temporarily created an asymmetrical skirt using a piece of fabric. It's taped in place for now. I will make a no-sew skirt for her soon.

At the time this post was drafted, Slay All Day Keeki Adaeze was available at the Integrity Toys website at this link


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Lady Elaine Fairchilde said...

I have her. I love her!!!!!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

She's a beautiful doll to own.


april_n_paris said...

Hey lovely lady....Keeki is a gorgeous doll. A lot of us are hooked on Integrity Toys. I love the way the doll comes packaged....whatever time of year you get one, it's like Christmas day! I was amused that you did a deboxing video. Somehow, opening an IT box seems to beg for this sort of ritual. I haven't done any videos but I do stage something (employing the help of other dolls) and photograph the whole process.
I agree that the numbering is strange. Of course, we don't know how many dolls they release each time. But consider yourself lucky to have snagged. Sadly now, there are lots of folks who buy them in bulk then resell them for double the price, which I find extremely annoying as a collector!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi April,

It's been quite a while since I've purchased an IT doll. Keeki's quality (even as a basic doll) is a reminder of their superior products.

I have done a handful of other deboxing and doll review videos, but it's been a while.

I do consider myself lucky to have snagged her after being very disappointed that I missed out on the first run. The blonde version was still available at that time, but I prefer dark hair. The scalpers are vicious. I'd do without before paying double or triple retail for a recently released doll.

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and for commenting. I really appreciate it.


Denise Fuller said...

Yes she is

Black Doll Enthusiast said...