Saturday, May 28, 2022

I Am Not Flattered

The culprit site that was down when I last checked is up again and has resumed copying posts from this blog, Black Doll Collecting. Any posts seen there that end in ©Black Doll Collecting/dbg were first written by dbg and published on the Black Doll Collecting Blog. I will again notify the domain host of the culprit site and take some other measures to prevent TOYNEWZ. COM from copying my content. 

I agree with Oscar Wilde's complete quote, particularly the last six words that many people omit,  “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Toynewz . com is obviously so mediocre that it has to copy text from a multitude of other sites to appear great. Unfortunately, it is not a great or even good site. It is a culprit website published by a callous individual or a group of callous individuals who use other people's content to boost relevance. Toynewz. com is a fraud. Their domain host needs to shut them down permanently!

Copying content from others is a form of theft.

Thank you again, Ms. Leo over at I-Luv-Dolls for the heads up about this site copying my content.

Read an article that discusses why stealing blog content is not flattery here

©Black Doll Collecting/dbg

There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.


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Ms. Leo said...

We have to stick together to end this! I am just surprised that more blogger aren't noticing that their material is being used without their permission. I have let as many people that I know who's posts I recognize know that their post are there.

I does look like the site is down from time to time. I not sure if this is when the host attempts to alter the site or if she/he is responding to the domains request to remove "borrowed/stolen" content. Deleting your posts doesn't remove the info from the site like a link would. So, Yes! They need to remove this site permanently!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I sent a request to everyone who is possibly responsible for hosting this site:

All email addresses are visible in the TO line of the email so no one can pass the buck.

After those emails were sent, I performed a "who is hosting this site" search and found that is listed as the site host. This would be the company responsible for shutting it down. Other information such as the names of the servers for the site was included in the "who is hosting this site" search. Go here to see all results.

I have also informed other bloggers that their information is being copied by I know some have followed some of the initial steps I took to get the site taken down. Unfortunately, it goes down for a short time only to return and resume copying our content. It needs to be taken down permanently.


monstercrafts said...

I tried to access this site and I couldn't, so I assumed it was down permanently. Fun fact is that I do, from time to time, a reverse Google search on some of my posts, to see if they're being plagiarized. I do this with some of my most read posts, but not all of them. But the one they chose to copy was one from my 9th blog anniversary, that had nothing to do with dolls news. This is the laziest form of plagiarizing, which is basically "copy & paste". I know people steal ideas from others all the time, but at least they try to give it their own twist. Anyway, thanks for the hard work and dedication you're putting into ending this.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

It's still up. I intentionally did not include the complete link to the site (leaving a space before "com" and/or spelling out "dot") because I don't want to give them any additional traffic, since that seems to be their goal.

Thanks for sharing the reverse Google search method you use. I have a Google alert
set that was working for me when the site was up originally. Now that they are manually copying and pasting, the alert hasn't worked. I now search the site for key phrases from my blog to pull up the posts. Some of my posts have been copied up to three times now. Who builds an entire website based on other people's content?

I am going to continue to fight. None of my most recent posts have been copied since I reported them last week, but others are still there in duplicate and triplicate in some cases. I want them removed. I want the site taken down forever.

Here is the correct email for, the registrar of the domain.

And to fill out a copyright infringement claim, I had to go to the following URL as instructed by the copyright infringement team of where I selected the copyright complaints button to proceed:

On the form, I was required to provide links to my original posts and links to the copied posts.

Good luck to anyone else that has had this happen to them. Don't give up.


Ms. Leo said...

I notice that she is now coping Van's Dolls Treasures too! Vanessa would be furious!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

The copyright folks at passed the buck over to I've written these folks too but have not received a reply. I will write them again and again and again, as many times as necessary.


D7ana said...

Hi DBG, Ms. Leo, and Monstercrafts! Thanks for sharing your experiences with this plagiarist. Good luck, Debbie keeping your work safe.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thank you, D7ana. As of now, the site has been taken down. Hopefully, it will remain down.