Sunday, September 13, 2009

Black Dolls from Brazil -- Updated 9.14.09

I received the following e-mail and photos from a black-doll enthusiast from Brazil who recently received a copy of my second black-doll reference book, Black Dolls:  A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion.  With the collector's permission, I am sharing the images as a testament that the passion for black dolls is shared globally.

Hi, dear Debbie.
I am so happy with your book.
I already made some search and purchases in ebay through it.
I left positive feedback for you in ebay and a review in Amazon...
I will take the liberty to send pictures for you of 5 of my oldest black brazilian dolls.
Best greetings from Brazil. Rossano.
Here's what Rossano wrote about the dolls in the four images:
I must tell you that I chose these dolls probably from 50's to 70's because I did not see any of them in the USA black doll guides I have (that is because Estrela was the main toy brazilian industry these years and ESTRELA usually bought the rights from USA doll industries to produce in Brazil dolls already made in your country).

I only know the story from the first picture doll:
1-Estrela first produced SUSI in the 60's as a reproduction of Ideal Tammy and there were only white Susi dolls.   In the 70's Estrela changed the doll face and put glass eyes in it and produced the black Susi(s) dolls.  They are very rare (I only knew about 4 of them in all my life-) and I bought 1 of them (first picture)...

2-Second picture is of 2 celluloid dolls (maybe from the 50's).

3-Third picture is of TERNURINHA (tender love), black doll identical to the white one.

4-And I do not know the name of the last picture doll.

I deeply appreciate Rossano's kind words about my book via e-mail, his review, and the time he took to share photos and the information about each of his delightful black Brazilian dolls!



  1. These are great pictures! Thanks for sharing Debbie!

  2. The first doll looks a little bow-legged. That's different from most fashion dolls her size - I'm guessing she's Barbie-sized. It's always interesting to see how Black dolls are done in other countries. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing the comments and the photos. I wish that I could travel more and collect more Black dolls from other countries.


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