Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yesterday's Great Finds

Yesterday, I went to Big Lots to look for microwavable plates for my BIL, who is scheduled to be released from an extended care facility within a few days. His PCA needs the plates for the meals she plans to precook for him on a weekly basis. After finding the plates, I ventured to the toy section where, I found some great doll buys. I’ve listed them in great-buy order:

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie – I already own one, but could not resist the price, $20. The box has creases, but I plan to debox this one.

Celebrate!, Disco Doll Barbie traveled home with me because of the $12.50 price. For $12.50, I can overlook her pink lip color.

World Peacekeepers 12-inch “generic,” fully-posable, AA military figure – I purchased one that wears a black T-shirt and denim pants. He will be used as a mate for one of my 11-1/2-inch dolls (possibly the fourth doll find). A variety of different styles were available for $10. Most wear military gear.

Glam Barbie has the (overused) Asha face, but I like her red, knee-length boots! Another one dressed in a different fashion was available wearing heels. This one is eager to get deboxed to check out the generic action figure. $5

I had no intention of purchasing dolls when I ran into Big Lots yesterday prior to picking up my grandson from Mother’s Day Out. The dolls were there with unbeatable prices. How could I resist? While there, I met another doll enthusiast who purchased an AAADT Barbie.

If there is a Big Lots near you, stop in. These and/or other great buys might be available.

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  1. Wow, I did NOT know that the AA Dance Barbie was on sale at Big Lots and for such a GREAT price. I'll look into getting an extra. Love her poseable grace.

    I did know that Big Lots sells those wonderful, wonderful Power Team soldiers. (Although I have NOT seen any new ones to date, but then I haven't been to Big Lots in months.) What I love about the M & C Toys' Power Team/World Peacekeepers series is that they have a remarkable range of ethnic males. And for $10-20 a figure - additional features can cost more - I cannot find better figure(s). And did I mention various ethnic male FACES!!??

    You lucked out grand, Debbie. Glad to hear about your fun.

  2. hmmm... D7ana, you're tempting me to return to purchase all of the other AA World Peacekeepers from Big Lots. I saw at least 5 different ones. Not knowing the quality prevented me from purchasing more, plus my 8-year-old grandson prefers smaller action figures. The 3-year-old doesn't have a preference... yet, but I know he'd be the 1 to confiscate the weapons. That one can make a perfect gun using Legos. (!)

  3. For the price of the Glam Barbie, I could also accept the pink lips. I need to make a trip to Big Lots.

  4. Wow I'm going to Big Lots!!! Congrats on your great finds!


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