Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update: Moxie Girlz Sale Price Discrepancy @ Toys R Us

After speaking with a 3rd customer service representative at ToysRUs online about the price discrepancy in Art-Titude Sasha and the other Art-Titude Moxie Girlz, I have come to the conclusion that a discount for Sasha was never intended online.

During today's call, I was told that the online price is not necessarily the same as the in-store price for items.  I can accept that, but as I pointed out to the CS associate, the other Art-Titude dolls (Lexie, Sophina, and Avery) are discounted while Sasha is not.  The CS associate attempted to explain:

  • The sale is on "select" dolls.
  • Sasha's retail is really $22.99 (I haven't seen this price anywhere in my area). 
  • She is discounted to $17.99 at a NY Toys R Us. 
  • She is not on the same promotion as the other Art-Titude dolls.

It is true that NOW Sasha is not on the same promotion as the other dolls, but earlier this week when the sale commenced, all Art-Titude dolls had the same "SAVE $10 of any purchase of $30 or more!" promotion written in red print below their online images.  That promotion has been removed from all dolls except Sasha and replaced with "SALE ~ Hurry ends 10/03!"

Instead of lowering Sasha's price to match that of the other Art-Titude dolls' lowered online price, TRU online removed the promotion from the others and kept their prices at $14.99.  This is their work around to keep Arti-Tude Sasha's price at the regular price of $19.99.

The games merchants play.

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  1. This is ridiculous, the same ole same ole! I have thought from the beginning and still think that Sasha was an afterthought. Well MGA and Toys R Us will learn their lesson when I keep my dollars in my pocket!!


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