Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off to Australia...

...two books, that is. I had promised to send a copy of my book to an artist that I met on eBay. She undercharged me for shipping, but did not want me to pay the extra amount owned. She mentioned my book and I offered to send her a copy. The promise was to send it "sometime this week." I was exceedingly busy yesterday, so was unable to mail it then.

As a result of our conversations via e-mail, she informed another collector about my book. The collector, who has a collection of over 1000 black dolls, purchased a copy of my book. So my "sometime this week promise," will become a reality in about 45 minutes when I arrive at the post office to mail not one, but two books "down under," to Australia.

What do I know for sure? I know that God is good and that he cares for me.


PS The remaining cover creased copies are slowly but surely flying out the door. ◦

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  1. Congratulations! Yes God is good (my husband would add "all the time")!


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