Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barbie - Fashionistas - Artsy Doll

Of the six Barbie Fashionistas that I have seen, this one more closely resembles an African American.  Described as a "bohemian cutie," she is the only doll of color in the group. 

I want to see her on the shelves of my local Toys R Us soon.  I checked this past weekend.  Obviously, her flight has been delayed. 

She'll arrive to this Texas address in time to strike some pleasing poses in the eyes of the multiarticulated males in my collection.

Note that the above link is for Toys R Us Canada... where a Barbie Fashionistas case is also available! 

dbg ◦


  1. Thanks for the link showing the Fashionistas carrying case. Sigh. It looks nice.

  2. Great blog! I'm an articulation junky and I like the fact that mattel is going (or being pushed) in that direction. I was really hoping to see the pivotal body in the playline, but this makes for a nice compromise. My local TRU has spaces and tags up for the Fashionistas(@ $11.99), but I havent seen the the dolls yet. Definitely looking to get several of the Artsy for some body swapping.


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