Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kaya Has Her Book

My American Girl, Kaya, now has the mini book written about her that was offered as the girl's toy with McDonald's Happy Meals.  Kaya's mini book, like Addy's, was purchased minus the Happy Meal.  They were purchased from two different McDonald's and differed in cost by 22 cents.
I did not photograph Kaya's book, but wanted to report that my two-doll AG collection now includes  these mini books from McDonald's.  The stories are cute and the paper dolls are an added plus!

The American Girl promotion at McDonald's will end soon.  If you've missed adding any of the mini books to your AG collection, rush out to Micky D's soon. 

Supposedly, Barbie items will be the next Happy Meal girl's toy. 


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RoxanneRoxanne said...

Kaya is such a beautiful doll! I'm glad that you were able to add her mini book to your collection. It's been a while since I collected any McDonalds Barbies - I hope that they have a new AA Barbie. :)