Sunday, September 20, 2009

Examine the Hands and the Feet!

World Peacekeepers Navy Seals (Tunnel Hunter-top; Special Ops-below)

After being overly enthused recently with M & C Toy Centre Ltd's World Peacekeepers 12-inch action figures, I returned to Big Lots this past Thursday and purchased two additional figures. I went with a plan of bringing home guys wearing clothing that was as close to civilian as possible and hopefully guys with ungloved hands.

I made-do (I thought) with two Navy Seals—a Tunnel Hunter and a Special Ops. The Tunnel Hunter is dressed in black fleece shirt, camouflage pants, and black boots. His outfit is practical enough, but his hands are permanently gloved. He’s still workable because his black fleece shirt somewhat camouflages the gloved hands.

I deboxed both guys today, which resulted in great disappointment with Special Ops’ molded-on black shoes over flat-as-a-board feet. I understand they were made this way to accommodate the extra fins included in the box (after all, he is a Navy Seal). I tried placing shoes over his molded-on, shoed feet, but he was still unable to support his own weight well enough to be paired with any of my 11-1/2-inch females. So back in his box and to Big Lots he must go.

A few words of caution:  If you plan to purchase these or other action figures to use for purposes other than the manufacturer intended, be sure to examine their hands and feet, especially their feet!  I mean, what
good is all that muscle if it's not self-supporting!

World Peacekeepers Navy Seal Special Ops' flat, molded-on shoes
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  1. Good catch, Debbie!

    Yes, the hands and the feet of some action figures do not work well translated to the fashion doll world. Sigh. It would be nice if bare hands were included in ALL sets.

    I've got that Navy Seal figure, too. He has black boot-shoe feet. I don't know if there are replacement feet for these figures. I'll ask some action figure boards if there are bare AA hands and feet for the Power Team crew. Then if someone still wants the action figure, she can "fix" the feet and the hands soon.

    Thanks for this reminder, Debbie!


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