Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dad Dolls

In honor of Father's Day, today's entry includes dad doll images taken throughout the past few months-to-years.

The original Happy Family by Mattel, 1974, includes father Hal, mother Hattie, and baby Hon.  The Happy Family grandfather and his better half are on the right.

1980 Mattel, Littles Family Dad (Mr. Littles), baby, and Mrs. Littles

Heart Family Dad with Baby Girl, Mattel 1986

The Heart Family Dad (different head sculpt) visits Disneyland with son, Mattel 1989

1992 (Judith Corporation) Father-to-Be with wife, Mommy-to-Be

Family Corners Dad (Kurt) and wife Nichelle, Mattel 1994 (a baby is included in Kurt's box).  Mom and Dad are 6 inches (baby is 3 inches).

The once controversial, Happy Family Alan and son Ryan; Midge and Baby, Mattel 2002

I created the First Dad and his family using Hot Toys' TrueType AA Male (President Obama), Mattel's Barbie Basic Model 10 Collection 01 (First Lady Michelle), and Ty's Lil Ones Marvelous Mariah (Malia) and Sweet Sydney (Sasha).  The first dog, Bo, is also included.

More First Dad Dolls by HotToys on left and by DID Corporation (center and far right)

Do you have any dad dolls (manufactured or created) in your collection?




  1. How sweet. I have the family corners dolls but had forgotten what they were called. At the time I liked the fact that the baby came with the father doll.

  2. Thanks, Limbe Dolls. The Family Corners dolls are on page 184 in Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide... I had to refer to the book to refresh my memory on their height. I had also forgotten the baby was in the box with Dad until I read the description.


  3. Oh man! the little family corners dolls ae precious! and now I totally want these two. Hopefully I can find them eventually

  4. Andrew S. - I hope you're able to find the Family Corners pair!



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