Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Condoleeza Rice Paper Doll by Gail

I ran a quick search this morning for "Condoleeza Rice doll" and found a free printable paper doll here.  The paper doll looks like the former Secretary of State and comes with a fashionable wardrobe.  I copied and pasted the paper doll and fashions into a Word document and saved it as a PDF file for future use and to share with a couple of other paper doll enthusiasts.  

Visit Gail's main page to view the categories of other notable figures she has captured in paper doll form. 

It appears that no one has made an actual doll of Ms. Rice.  The action figure  by Herobuilders.com (which did not come with weapons) could be redressed in more fashionalbe attire (but I am not sure what could be done about those hideous shoes/feet).  Maybe the feet are removable.




  1. Good looking out. I love her site. I do think she mixed up Halle Berry's body with J. Lo's body, though. Those were the only two I looked at so far.

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    I think you're right about the body mix up between the Halle Berry and J. Lo paper dolls. The Halle PD has curves where J. Lo does not.

    I plan to PDF Halle and Tyra Banks.

    I wonder if the Usher and Beyonce paper dolls are planned or no longer available. I guess I'll email Gail and ask.



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