Thursday, June 30, 2011

Franklin Mint's Michelle O. Looks Great in (Almost) Anything!

With extra time on my hands, I decided (hesitantly) once again to redress my Michelle Obama doll.  I say hesitantly because I love her in the "Vive Jacqui" fashion by Franklin Mint  made for their 14-1/2-inch Jackie Kennedy doll.  But I wanted to see how well or not the doll looks in the other three Franklin Mint (FM) fashions I purchased some time ago.

FM's Michelle Obama in Princess Diana fashion

First I tried on  a purple gown made for Franklin Mint's Diana, Princess of Wales Portrait Doll.  I was pleasantly surprised at how stunning the Michelle doll looks in this fashion.  More images follow:

The shoes fit well.

The gown nicely hugs the doll's curves.

Fashioned after a Gianni Versace purple silk crepe gown that Princess Diana wore at a breast cancer benefit at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois in June1996, accessories include a matching clutch and shoes, pearl and faux gem choker, and drop earrings.  This redress helped formulate the opinion that "she [Michelle] looks great in anything!" Until...

FM's Michelle Obama in red ensemble
...I located a red two-piece suit with matching pill box hat of bouclé fabric by Franklin Mint.  This had been stored in one of my doll trunks.  In the past, Robert Tonner's Basic Esmé wore this fashion with her original black faux suede shoes because it did not include shoes.  On Esmé, I realized the skirt was a little short and slightly big at the waist, but she was able to pull it off with grace.  I assumed Michelle could, too.  I tugged at the top, attempting to lengthen it and completely cover the doll's midriff.  I tried unsuccessfully to ignore the mini length of the skirt.  Confused about the improper fit, I thought:  Jackie didn't wear mini skirts.  So I removed the jacket, read the tag, and discovered the fashion was made for the Franklin Mint Jackie Collector Bear! Oh-my-goodness, I thought.  All this time, I incorrectly assumed this fashion was for a doll. 

This discovery prompted a Google search for more information on the fashion... and the bear.  Search results from reliable websites disclosed that the outfit replicates the 1962 Valentine's Day fashion worn by Jackie Kennedy for a televised tour of the White House.  This was the first time a First Lady of the United States had been given air time.  Search results also included a $195 Buy-It-Now auction for this fashion!  I think I paid, maybe $14 for it at Tuesday Morning.     

In Rob Frydlewicz's article, Jackie Kennedy's Televised Tour of the White House (February 14, 1962), he interestingly states, "...her outfit resembled something First Lady Michelle Obama might wear today..."  I agree.  Had the replicated fashion been scaled for a doll, it would be perfect for mine.  The bear fashion includes gold-encircled pearl stud earrings.  These remain on the original card, which the doll holds in the above image.   

FM Michelle Obama in "Forever Love Collection" fashion
Finally, I redressed Michelle in a shimmery lavender gown with rhinestone accents at neck, rhinestone drop earrings, lavender and silver clutch with rhinestone closure and strap, and lavender shawl with rhinestone embellishments that dangle from each corner.  From the Franklin Doll Finery "Forever Love Collection," this fashion was made to fit their 15 to 16-inch dolls.  In it, Michelle looks gorgeous; however, the outfit's lavender, ankle-strap high heels are too small for her.

After placing the Franklin Mint outfits back on the dolls that were wearing them initially, before returning the dolls to their areas of display, and storing the two-piece red bear fashion in the doll trunk, I took one final photograph.

Madame Alexander's Leslie (1970s), Tonner's Ready to Wear Esmé, and Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama look fab-u-lous in these Franklin Mint fashions.
With black knee-high boots and a black bodysuit underneath, FM's Michelle might even be able to pull off the two-piece red bouclé bear ensemble.  But looking great in her original dress as well as three out of four deeply discounted designer replicas of fashions worn by other historical women gives her a few options.




  1. She is sooo lovely. The dress is exquisite...I love it! I am now your new follower, won't you come over and follow us too? I'd love having you and keeping in touch with your blog and collection. Thanks! Hugs!

  2. Great post. She is rocking both the purple and the lavender dress. The red outfit .....hilarious! Do they make dolly spanx? Maybe those would help.

  3. Loretta - Thanks. I will visit your blog.

    Vanessa - I'm still laughing at myself for not discovering the red ensemble was for a bear. I bet Esme wondered what I was thinking for the several months she wore it. LOL! Oh well... we live and we learn. Who knew FM made bears and dressed them in designer couture, too?



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