Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Model of Giving

It's so nice to realize you have been thought of for no special reason. The manifestation of the thought could be something as simple as a phone call from a long lost friend or relative, a handwritten letter that contains a small trinket, or other gift of sentimental value.  

On two consecutive days last week, I was blessed in this manner.  This blog is devoted to one such blessing.  

After a trip to the library with my husband to pick up a book I ordered, I made an impromptu trip to the post office (PO), which is usually relegated to one of my Saturday tasks.  Since we were out and he was driving in the 90-something degree Texas heat, as we left the library, I asked him to drive to the PO.  He did.  Upon arrival, he handed me the keyring, which contains the PO box key, and sat in the car while I checked my box.

In my box I found a puffy envelope with a Georgia return address. There was also a notification to pick up something from the inside that was too large to fit in my small PO box, and nearly a week's worth of unwanted junk mail.  With junk discarded, I went inside the PO, found it crowded, returned to the car where I handed Husband the keyring and said, "I have to pick up something inside.  The line is long.  Start the car so you won't get too hot."  He did and continued reading one of the books he borrowed.

Back inside, while standing in line to wait my turn to hand the clerk my package pickup notification, I opened the Georgia mail.  The contents caused a broad smile.  Wondering why I received such a gift, I read the handwritten note card and thought:  She's so sweet.  How thoughtful.  Me, a doll griot?  

After examining the intricate details and clever design of the item that caused the envelope's puffiness and my wide grin, I immediately wondered which doll would be the recipient of the beautifully handcrafted wig of auburn braids from Limbé Dolls.  By the time I repackaged the note card and wig for safekeeping until I got home, I was at the head of the line.  The PO clerk retrieved my package. I returned to the car and traveled home. 

It was not until this past Saturday that I realized which doll would be the perfect model for the wig.  Her already short hairstyle eliminated the need to cut another doll's hair to accommodate the wig.  

Enjoy the photo shoot below.  Click the images to enlarge in a new window.

The Chosen One before:  Barbie Basics Denim Model 008, Collection 002 (outside in the Texas heat)

Barbie Basics Denim Model 008, Collection 002 wearing auburn, mid-part, braided wig by  Limbé Dolls.

Close-up and gorgeous

From the back

Wardrobe change:  Wears tunic, scarf, and bracelet from Liv'n Fab* fashion

Striking another pose in new wig and Liv tunic

Back inside, the two front/side braids are tied in back for a more conservative look.

View from the back of the tied-back look

If asked, she will confidently say, "I know I look good!" 

Limbé Dolls' gesture of sending me a wig that I chose as my fave after reading and commenting on her Wigging Out -- Braids blog, models God's way of showing us through others he loves us.

Thank you, again, Limbé Dolls.  Thank you God for using her to express your love.

*The Liv tunic is not a perfect fit for Model 008 (who needs a name).  It does not properly close in the back, but Model 008's braids cover this fashion imperfection.  I think I'll name her Paulette.




  1. Model #8 looks great in that haircolor. Glad you are enjoying the wig.

  2. She looks awesome in that wig! I like her so much better. This is one of the few Basic Jean dolls that I did not buy because I wasn't thrilled with her look. Now, I am thrilled! You can't name her Paulette, because I'm going to be naming one of my dolls Paulette. Actually she is going to be Auntie Paulette, who brings Julian and Jacob new tinker toys and Lincoln Logs. So many stories to get to. I haven't found the right Auntie Paulette yet. I'm still looking.

  3. Doesn't she look great? Makes me want a Limbe Dolls wig for Model 004 in Collection 001 (the one on the left), but I haven't deboxed her yet.

    Too late... my doll's name is already Paulette, but you can still name your doll Auntie Paulette as there won't be any conflicting or confusing stories about the two dolls.


  4. I have that Model 4. She has been deboxed and is waiting for a suitable articulated body. I'm sure she would look fabulous in a limbe doll wig, too. I like this one just the way she is. Especially after seeing her styled on flickr. Soon as she gets a body, she will be in some video doing something.

  5. Love the doll wig, Paulette and Limbe Dolls! Congratulations to you, too, DBG. What a great combination. I especially like the part and how real it looks.

  6. Thanks D7ana!

    The part is very realistic.

    I love the way the wig change's Paulette's look.

    Re-wigging (as re-dressing has been for me in the past) is almost the equivalent of getting a new doll without as much added expense... and less work than re-dressing.


  7. Very nice! That truly was a wonderful gesture!


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