Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doll Hoarding, The Video

After watching the Doll Hoarding episode on A and E this past Monday (June 20, 2011), it was obvious that, for the hoarder, her dolls provide joy.  Unfortunately, there is an obvious disconnect between the perceived joy and reality.  Phyllis's obsession with dolls created a dangerous living situation for her and her adult, mentally-challenged son.

If you were unable to watch the episode when it aired, the link to the 44-minute video is provided below.

A and E Doll Hoarder, Phyllis 

Also profiled in this episode is another hoarder, Janet, whose living condition was even worse than the doll hoarder's.



  1. I couldn't believe it when they brought those dolls out of the house and put them in piles. I know I'm not a hoarder...yet, but I sometimes wonder if I'm prone to become one in my later years. Although I don't have nearly as many dolls as most people I know, it all boils down to how much room is available. I know I have no more room and would like to cut back, but then I always find a reason to keep a particular doll.

    Are you in Texas? Some months ago one of the local TV channels (I no longer remember which one) had a story about a lady that has a black doll museum in Houston, but it's only open by appointment. Do you know anything about it? I'm sorry now I didn't write down the information.

  2. Hi Betty,

    Any one of us (collectors) could find ourselves in Phyllis's situation if we lose sight of why we collect.

    Yes, I am in Texas but I am not the owner of the Black Like Me Doll Museum in Sugar Land, Texas. That would be Phyllis C. Hunter. I just published a blog about her, thanks to your asking. I do not know her, but know of her. Hers is an example of a healthy doll collection.


  3. So you made it through. Glad you survived. I still can't imagine seeing all those dolls piled up.


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