Friday, June 17, 2011

Doll Hoarding

Screen-captured mound of hoarded dolls and stuffed animals

I have never been able to watch an entire episode of Hoarders.  The mounds of items contained within a household that Hoarders exposes is too unsettling for me.  I wonder how and why people cannot let go... how they can live in the midst of what appears to be contaminated garbage... why they accumulated so much clutter in the first place.

Because it involves dolls, I am going to try to watch the entire 60-minute episode of Hoarders that will air Monday, June 20, 2011, at 9 p.m. ET.

Have you ever been accused of being a doll hoarder?  Well, if your "collection" looks like the woman who will be profiled on Monday's episode of Hoarders, you are.

See the preview here




  1. I get accused of being a doll hoarder occasionally by my mum.. who has never seen Hoarders and has no idea what an actual hoarder's home looks like, hehe.

    It's odd but in europe hoarding seems to be either less prevalent, or has a lot less publicity. Most of my american friends either know someone who is a hoarder or know someone who knows one.. but I've never known one in my life, nor have any of my local friends to my knowledge. Maybe it's because the various forms of thrifting (garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops) are less popularized, so junk is not quite as easy to accumulate?

  2. Hi Alrunia,

    If you show your mum the video clip, she will understand that you are not a hoarder.

    I have never met a true hoarder but I'm not convinced that the psychology behind hoarding is restricted to people in the US. Maybe it appears more prevalent because its more publicized.

    There have been people who hoard animals with an inability to take care of them. The animals suffer as a consequence, which is truly sad.


  3. A cable repair man walked into my livingroom one day and asked, "Who has the doll fetish?" I was totally offended and quickly responded, "It is not a fetish, it is an Abundant Expression of appreciation for dolls." LOL
    I look forward to viewing this upcoming Doll Hoarding episode. Actually, I don't see any problem at all.



    P.S. Take care fellow doll lovers

  4. Whew! I feel relieved. I have dolls on tables and dolls on cabinets and dolls in boxes, but I do NOT need to wade through them.

    I don't know anyone who hoards dolls that I am aware of.

    Bad thing I would think is that you would lose appreciation by having so very many dolls. You wouldn't be able to enjoy them.

  5. Hi Anonymous - Doll collecting for true doll lovers is definitely not a fetish, not a trend, not a phase we are going through. We like dolls, but we do have to control our collections as they can take over, if we allow them; and especially if we are unfocused (like me). I often envy those whose doll interest lies in one doll category, but even that needs to be controlled with reference to alotted space and expenses.

    I think when our main focus is on the next doll we plan to acquire immediately after acquiring one, we need to stop and think about the reasons behind collecting.

    Long ago, I realized that I cannot possibly own every doll I desire. It's ridiculous to think that way. Admiring dolls from afar has become easier and easier for me.

    Hi Dana - I visited the A&E home page where a longer clip of the premiere episode is featured. During the intervention the hoarder's son asked, "What would happen if this caught fire?" She replied, "I don't care if you get rid of all of them. You can throw me away with them if you want." (paraphrased) So, clearly she has some deep seated issues that involve accumulating and not appreciating what she already has.


  6. I have watched several episodes of Hoarders and it is so depressing that I haven't watched it since. I don't personally know any Hoarders, but I do know people that get unhealthy attached to things. It is such a deep rooted problem that has nothing to do with the actual stuff. I can honestly say that I have never been a doll hoarder. I have never had dolls all through the house. If you came into my house, you would never know that I was into dolls until you hit one of my two studios. I don't think I will watch this show. Might give me nightmares and the day I start having nightmares about dolls, is the day I leave them alone.

  7. I completely understand why you do not want to watch this episode of Hoarders, Vanessa. Like you, dolls and collecting them is a happy experience for me. As a rule, I do not willingly involve myself with anything depressing about dolls or anything else.

    I believe this show will profile two doll-collecting hoarders. I will try to sit through the entire 60 minutes, but my remote control will be close by to either change the channel or power down the TV.


  8. I watch this show to give me inspiration on getting rid of things. I believe if I kept everything I bought over the years @ this point I would be in the beginning stages of being a hoarder.
    The first 5 years of collecting I always said I'm not letting anything go. Now I can't get stuff out the door fast enough..LOL I'm still letting go of things but I am no where near a lot of the folks you see on this show.

  9. Hi Dolls4Moi - I think it took me a little longer than 5 years to let go of some of my dolls, but eventually those that were no longer endearing to me found new homes. I still have quite a few that I need to adopt out and in time, I will.



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