Friday, June 24, 2011

Michelle O. in Vive Jacqui!

A few years back, Tuesday Morning offered doll outfits at 50% below retail for Franklin Mint's 14-1/2-inch Jackie and 16-inch Princess Diana dolls.  I scooped up four.  Even though I did not and still do not own the aforementioned dolls, I knew the fashions would eventually come in handy for others already here or yet to come.

Robert Tonner's Ultra Basic Esme and Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Doll
Basic Esme and Ultra Basic Esme have both worn the yellow two-piece, taffeta, Vive Jacqui! suit, which, according to the fashion's certificate of authenticity, is "a replica of the actual ensemble that Jackie Kennedy wore on the State visit to France in May 1961."   This Franklin Mint fashion was authorized and authenticated by fashion designer, Oleg Cassini, who designed the original suit worn by Jackie Kennedy. 

Fashion swap:  Michelle O. wears Vive Jacki! fashion
A recent glance at Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama doll influenced the above illustrated fashion swap.  Ultra Basic Esme now wears Michelle's black sheath and black pumps.  Michelle now wears the yellow two-piece suit, matching pill box hat, white elbow-length gloves, taupe handbag, and beige shoes of the Vive Jacqui! ensemble.  The doll made in First Lady Obama's likeness is a little taller than the Jackie doll, resulting in a slightly snug fit of Michelle's new suit and shoes.  It is, however, a pleasant change.  See her smile... she loves it?!



  1. Love it. I own a couple of the Jackie outfits along Jackie O. I sold off my Princess Di & Gene dolls and now I think I may have to get the 1st lady and let her try on some new clothes :O)

  2. Sounds like a good idea Dollz4Moi. Do keep in mind that the Jackie outfits may fit a little snug on FM's Michelle Obama since she is an inch and a half taller with probably more curves than their Jackie doll. I think the Princess Di outfits may be a better fit for her. I may do another redress soon using a Princess Di fashion to compare the fit. In fact, I think that should be my next blog in case others have the same idea.


  3. I love the redress. Esme looks stunning in that black dress and I can definitely see Mrs. Obama sporting that outfit in real life.


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