Friday, July 15, 2016

Madame Alexander Zodiac Collection Gemini Twins #21350

Gemini Twins from the Madame Alexander Zodiac Collection, 1997

Released in 1997, as part of the company's 75th Anniversary celebration, these Gemini Twins are from the Zodiac Collection by Madame Alexander.  They were offered on eBay for a reasonable price, but because they were missing their original hang tags, their 75th anniversary gold tags, their parrots (which are a little scary looking so I didn't really care if they were missing), and their floral headbands, I asked the seller if he would lower the price and he did, considerably!

Purchased in June, I used some of my birthday money to buy this pair of 8-inch identical, hard plastic dolls that wear ivory Roman-style dresses with gold lamé Roman sandals.  Their hair is styled in two side ponytails with multiple braids that are accented with tiny daisies.

The twins hold replaced white parrots and have reproduced hang tags that bear their illustration.

To reproduce their missing hang tags, I used an image of the original, which was copied and printed twice onto card stock before cutting out and punching a small a hole at the top through which a wire was threaded to attach the tags to their arms.  Two white parrots were purchased on eBay to replace their original parrots, as seen in the above photo and a closer view in the next.

I purchased two mini dollhouse white parrots like the one shown above to replace the twins' original parrots.  One of the original parrots is seen next.

Original parrot is shown upside down in this Internet-captured photo.  Scary-looking, right?

Now they are only missing their gold 75th Anniversary tags and floral headbands.  I will fabricate new headbands for them as soon as I find the same or similar cloth flowers as the ones that decorate their braids.

The twins show off their multiple braids.
The Madame Alexander Zodiac Collection Gemini Twins was another June purchase I could not resist.  I am grateful the auction was brought to my attention by a fellow doll enthusiast.

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