Monday, September 23, 2013

She Wants to Know Her ID and So Do I

In my Janay Kick post, I mentioned my desire for a darker skinned Janay with natural textured hair.  Well I found one, but she came to me deboxed; therefore, I have no clue about her true ID.

Mystery dark-skinned Janay by Integrity Toys ©2004

Janay's outfit appears original:  Orange tank top, white one-layered skirt with attached crinoline that has glittery stars applied, and black and white striped tote.  I'm not sure if the orange shoes are original.  Her black curly hair is held away from her face with a black rubber band.  I fluffed the ends to create the look of a curly 'fro.

Her hang tag reads, Janay (on front)
©2004 Integrity Toys, Inc./Made in China (on back)

Janay shows off her new stud earrings.

I added adhesive backed amethyst studs prior to redressing her and replacing these ear studs with tiny adhesive backed crystals.

The stick-on crystal studs were part of a lash art package purchased from a beauty supply shop.  I wanted to give her the appearance of a pierced nose with one, but they are too large.

Janay has been redressed in a winter white halter dress, stick-on crystal studs, gold clutch, and gold high-heel shoes.

Janay asks:  Do you know who I am?

I ask the same question.  

Thanks in advance!


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