Monday, January 26, 2015

And Your Neck is Cone-Shaped Now, Why?

Nearly two years ago, Fashion Madness Rock Star Kenya, upgraded or downgraded to Close-up Adele's body.  Adele, having arrived with black stains on her arms, swapped bodies with Rock Star Kenya.  That process was written about here and here.

The plastic in the neck area of Kenya's new-to-her body was fragile and had already cracked.  Last week additional pieces cracked away after Kenya suffered a fall, making the neck even shorter than it was initially.  For Kenya's head to remain on the body, the neck needed lengthening.

Kenya's head rests on the new cone-shaped neck, which, in this image, needs to be painted to match the body color.
I used air-dry clay to lengthen the neck.  After drying, the area was painted with nutmeg brown acrylic paint that matches the body color. 

Kenya's head now rests nicely on the cone-shaped neck.  Since I did not glue the head in place, it can be turned left or right, if desired.

Kenya poses with confidence, knowing her head will remain in place on her new, extended neck that has been painted to match her body.

Wooden Pull-String Santa with missing foot

While molding with clay, I also repaired the foot of a wooden pull-string Santa that I usually hang on an interior doorknob at Christmas time.  This year, I hung him on an exterior doorknob.  After a few days, I discovered Santa lying on the porch missing one foot.  Whether he fell off or someone removed him and dropped him onto the porch remains a mystery.  I can't imagine that happening, but you just never know.

The new foot I sculpted for Santa is shown above; it has been partially painted in the second image.  I clipped a clothespin to the end while painting the exposed area.  The foot was left clamped in the clothespin while it dried.  (The cracks are there because I did not take time to smooth the clay while sculpting.)

Santa now has a new foot and is ready to hang on an interior door this December or whenever I choose to incorporate him into the Christmas decorations.



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ken Clone -- Who Am I?

Unknown Ken clone

The clone collector in me wanted this guy when I saw him in a buy it now on eBay.  I kept hope alive that he would not be a plastic dollar store-type doll.  I am relieved because he is not.

Height:  12 inches tall
Hair:  Black molded, side swept 
Eyes:  Unevenly painted brown
Mouth:  Open smile with painted area for teeth  
Material/Pose-ability:  The head is firm vinyl.  The arms and body are rigid plastic.  The legs are a soft, rubbery vinyl with knees that do not click.  He has an articulated waist and is jointed in the standard areas:  neck, arms at shoulders, upper legs at hip.

He has molded-on briefs.

I attempted to capture images of  his barely visible neck marking, which appears to read Fair---ator ? (maybe):

Here's a close-up of his face:
Unknown Ken clone, close-up view

Another close-up:
Handsome guy, right?

Can you help me with his identify, please?  Thanks!



Friday, January 23, 2015

18-inch My Twinn Friend

18-inch My Twinn Friend upon arrival

Near the end of December 2014, the My Twinn folks offered 18-inch My Twinn Friend dolls for $39.99.  After browsing available dolls by selecting desired complexion, hair color, and eye color options, I found the perfect doll to own in memory of my long-time friend who passed away December 6th. 

Prior to placing the order, I was concerned the head and body would not be proportionate.  My worries were valid.  They are slightly off, but not as far off as I had imagined. 

I took several photos of Little T, the name I have chosen for her.  The photos include her first snapshot (shown above, as she was when she arrived, still in box) and several others of her modeling clothing made for other 18-inch dolls.  The final photo is the vision I had for her when the order was placed.

Using a coupon code at order checkout, I received the free blue and white striped dress shown in this image.

Shoes were not included with the pretty yellow and pink outfit of top and pants that were included.  The word, PEACE and a peace symbol are on front of shirt.

This profile photo shows the length and style of the wig I chose.  Before turning completely white, my friend's hair was jet black and naturally curly.  At its normal length is was almost as long as Little T's.

One of my 18-inch Madame Alexander dolls, Passion, allowed Little T to temporarily borrow her yellow sandals while she borrowed another doll's sneakers.

Little T tried on American Girl Julie's casual outfit of orange embroidery-embellished tunic, purple gaucho pants and brown boots.
The Magic Attic doll starter fashion is a snug fit on her wider body and the shoes are too short.  She looks cute in it, however.

This fashion belongs to another 18-inch Madame Alexander doll (I believe).  Like the next Alexander fashion, it fits her body and feet.

This is the final fashion Little T modeled before wearing the outfit purchased specifically for her.

A school portrait of my friend dressed in a Catholic school uniform at age 6 or 7, inspired the outfit I chose for Little T.  The doll, dressed in her own school uniform, captures that moment in my friend's life to a T.