Monday, August 3, 2015

Walmart Finds: Shoes and Dolls

Barbie shoe accessory packs

In addition to the black sandals I purchased for her and the white T-strap flats that came with her original fashion, my Goddess Fashionista Barbie now has three more shoe choices.  She has my location of three shoe/accessory packs at Walmart to thank for this. They were $2.44 each.

Each pack contains one pair of flat shoes, a pair of high heels, a handbag and additional accessories, which is not bad for $2.44.  Each one is described and illustrated in individual photos after which Goddess models her new shoes:

Pale aqua sandals with mock fringe and a matching headband are featured in this shoe/accessory pack. The high heels are muted gold with matching gold shoulder bag that has mock fringe.  This pack also includes a gold beaded bracelet, which is plastic, and a shiny gold-tone mock pendant necklace.

Goddess wears a Sparkle Girlz fashion with the aqua flats and headband.

Silver ankle strap flats with closed toes, hot pink high heel sandals, silver "quilted" shoulder bag, shiny silver choker, hot pink bangle bracelet, and gray sunglasses make up this accessory pack.

Another Sparkle Girlz fashion was chosen to wear with the silver shoes, handbag, and sunglasses.

This kitty-themed accessory pack includes black ballerina-style flats with embossed floral pattern at toes, light pink high heel sandals, shiny silver cat ears headband, light pink cat pendant necklace, gray bracelet with kitten face in center, and a "purrfect" black kitten-face shoulder bag.

Goddess models the black flats, cat-faced shoulder bag, and wears the cat ears headband.  Which of the three ensembles do you think she chose to continue wearing?


Also found at Walmart was the above set of two playscale dolls by Kid Connection, which I believe is a Walmart exclusive brand.  There were a total of three different sets, wearing similar style party dresses of different colors.  This was my first time seeing a set of two dark-skinned dolls by this company.

This photo captures their true complexion.

One doll has a light caramel complexion, the other has a dark caramel complexion.  Both have long black rooted hair.  The doll on the left has a ponytail while the other has a small top ponytail with the rest hanging loose.

One final photo taken outside the box, with the dolls still attached to the inner lining, makes them appear paler than they are because different lighting was used, but their pink shoes are visible.

Priced at $4.97, there was no way this collector of dark-skinned Barbie competitors was leaving these two lovely dolls behind.



Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Need to Sell Two of These

Ventriloquist and pull-string talking dolls, L-R:  1960s Lester by Juro holds Talking Lester, a pull string talker, circa 1980s by EEGEE/Goldberger; Willie Talk by Horsman, circa 1972-1980s; and Lester ventriloquist by EEGEE 1970s.  With the exception of Lester in yellow shirt, all mouths are designed to move.   

The title of this post is what I thought when I looked at the above group of ventriloquist dolls seated together in a white child-size chair in the doll room. The two I had in mind to sell were Talking Lester, the one on the left with the "L" on his yellow shirt and the other Lester ventriloquist that wears the plaid pants on the far right. Who knew that I would receive an email inquiry the following week requesting leads on where to purchase the 1970s version (plaid pants)? Well I did and long story short (after I shared links with the potential buyer to a new-in-box version on eBay) my former Lester now lives in a new home and the buyer is thoroughly pleased, describing him as beautiful.

I took the following full view and head shot photos of Lester before he departed as a reminder of his presence here for the past 10 years or so. I had second thoughts about selling him, which is why I offered links to eBay to the buyer, who insisted that she wanted the one from my collection because "the new one doesn't hold the same sentiment."

In addition to the recent photos, both Lesters are documented in my book (hard copy and eBook), Black Dolls a Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion. Their entry from the eBook is shared below:

Now I need to find a new home for the pull-string Talking Lester. He still works by saying a variety of things when his pull string is pulled.  If you know anyone who wants him, tell them to give me a holler or an email. He's $30 plus shipping to seriously interested buyers.



Monday, July 27, 2015

Afro Blythe Gets New Body, Finally

Afro Blythe is shown above on her original non-articulated body.

Yet another doll project has been completed of the many I have to do.  This one involved rebodying my Afro Blythe. Her sister, with the fishtail hairdo, was rebodied first, even though she arrived after Afro Blythe.  I chose to rebody the other doll first because the Afro one is my favorite; and if I flubbed up, I did not want it to be on my favorite of the two.

I used the same steps to rebody Afro Blythe that were used on the other doll.  What was done is illustrated in the captioned photos below.

After loosening the screws that hold the back-of-head plate in place, the end of the eye spring (where the red arrow points) was lifted away from the bar on the back-of-head plate using tweezers.
Back-of-head plate has been removed.  The old body has been replaced with new body, with the neck groove positioned onto its compartment in the back-of-head plate.

A hook fashioned with a jumbo paper clip was used to hook the end of the eye spring and pull it through the opening in the back-of-head plate.  The end of the spring was then clamped back onto the bar of that same opening.  The back and front head plates were then clamped into position and the three screws replaced.

Blythe feels like a conqueror, even though I did all the work.  Next, she models a couple of Sparkle Girlz fashions and various shoes.

The new body has more curves than the non-articulated body.  The slimmer body is able to wear 9-1/2-inch Calista fashions.  This is not the case with the new, articulated body.  The feet are larger  than those on the other body as well, but Calista's shoes will fit the articulated body.  Since she can no longer wear Calista's pink hot pants, Afro Blythe tried on the above Sparkle Girlz fashion with Calista's low-top pink, Chuck-style sneakers.

Next she paired the same Sparkle Girlz fashion with pink boots borrowed from Amusement Park Stacie (a thrift store find).  The fit is perfect.  Interestingly, the mint green sneakers worn by the other thrift store doll seen at the previous link were too small for Blythe.

She has pulled her hair away from her face in this photo and wears a pair of pink foam sandals made by Paulette of Limbé Dolls.

The pink lace blouse and floral-print leggings of this Sparkle Girlz fashion look nice with the pink foam sandals.  The leggings are a little long on her, but Blythe decided to continuing wearing this ensemble.  She later joined her sister for the last photo of the day.

Both girls are happy to have the additional movement their new, articulated bodies provide.

Blythe's old, non-articulated body was listed on eBay and sold within a couple of hours in a buy it now, best offer auction.  The same thing happened with her sister's old body.  It sold relatively fast too.