Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One-of-a-Kind Baby With Attitude

During a recent glimpse of the September 2014 issue of DOLLS magazine, I paused on the page containing the above photo of Dolfi* by Goldie Wilson.  I wrote Goldie to obtain more specifics about the doll for someone who had expressed interest and to inquire if she had any babies for sale.  I have been wanting a Goldie Wilson baby for years.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams what would happen next. 

Goldie shared the following three photos of porcelain babies with me along with information about each doll.
Doll 1 wears a pretty white crochet dress and comes with a hand bag that she can be placed in.

Doll 2 also comes with a purse large enough to hold her.
Doll 3 wears a white antique baby dress.
Goldie wrote the following:

These are the last baby dolls I will ever make. These are minis, only about 16" long. Porcelain with cloth bodies with pellets. 

The first doll has a beautiful crochet dress, original, comes with a hand bag to lay in. Sale price $185.

The second doll has an original dress created by me, also has a purse. Sale price $165.

The third doll has a cute antique baby dress.  Very detailed. $185.

All dolls have something special. I no longer have the molds, this is it.  Shipping and handling extra.

At the time of this writing, dolls 1 and 2 are still available.  Doll 3 is not because she lives with me and I love her!

Baby with Attitude by Goldie Wilson 2013

During our communication about the doll I purchased, Goldie shared, "I call her my Baby with Attitude," and that is exactly what is written in the name area on her certificate of authenticity. 

As Goldie indicated, Little Miss Attitude (which is what I call her) has a brown cloth pellet-filled body.  The reason for her displeasure is handwritten by Goldie on the doll's back underneath her handwritten name and above the artist's signature.  I captured an image of her "back story" and transcribed it below:
Baby with Attitude's story is handwritten on her back by the artist.

It reads:

Baby w/
I am hungry.
I want to go home.

Goldie Wilson 2013

If that's not the cutest doll story, I don't know what is. Poor thing.  Her mother probably had her at church all day.  She's tired and hungry; and as a result, she is extremely cranky, full of attitude.  She just wants to go home!

My baby has a natural hair style wig accented with a white cotton headband with bow.  She wears white pantaloons underneath her white antique baby dress.  She has beautiful brown inset eyes with applied upper lashes and hand-painted lower lashes.   She's not at all happy. 

Before she left for her new home, Goldie wrote another note regarding her:
I know my baby will be happy to see her new friends. I gave her a goodby kiss, and told her it was hot in TexasEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji .

I tried to console her after she arrived and reassure her that everything was going to be okay, but she's not having it, at least not right now.

I am not sure if the other two babies have a story that is as sweet, but you can contact Goldie to check on their availability and allow her to share their story with you.  She can be reached by email at goldiewil@msn.com.

*Dolfi (the doll advertised in DOLLS magazine) is no longer available. 



Monday, September 1, 2014

The Lovely Color Infusion Janay - Happy Labor Day!

Color Infusion Style Lab Edge of Night Janay

Color Infusion Style Lab Edge of Night Janay, a 2013 Integrity Toys Convention exclusive, had been on my wish list since photos began circulating of the doll post convention.  I needed to add her to my playscale family of ladies and gents.  The post convention prices on eBay were usually much more than I desired to pay, so I exercised nearly a year of patience before finding "my" doll... the one "I" was meant to own, at a price I was willing to pay.
Janay poses for an initial full-length snapshot while still strapped to card stock liner.

Janay arrived nude in her purple card stock-lined plastic bag.  Extra outfits were sold at the convention along with shoe packs, but frugal me decided first to see if I had something on hand for her to wear before separating myself from additional funds.

With their heels lined up as close as possible, a foot size comparison of Integrity dolls, Something Sexy Adele, Shimmering Nights Janay from the 2004 playline, and Color Infusion (CI), illustrates the whopping size of CI Janay's feet.

Who knew, though, how humongous her feet are?  In my Barbie shoe stash, I was able to find a pair of  black open-toe pumps that fit her.  I still do not know the origin of these shoes and never until now had a doll that could fit or desired to wear them.

Wearing a borrowed dress and found shoes, Janay strikes a pose.

After searching in three doll trunks filled with playscale clothing, I found Tiny Dottie's red and black brocade dress.  It is a perfect fit for Janay.  Dottie, seen below, still wears the matching jacket over Barbie Basic Model 4's little black dress.  She didn't mind sharing the brocade sheath with Janay.

The owner of the dress Janay now wears, Tiny Dottie, did not mind sharing the sheath since she no longer wears it.  Dottie, however, refused to give up the matching coat or the hat that is stitched to her hair.

I made a black leather clutch that has one crystal on the front that matches Janay's faux diamond stud earrings and bow-tie necklace.  (The necklace is actually an adjustable ring.  Both earrings and "necklace" were already on hand.)

The search continued online for more more fashionable shoes where I saw a couple of possibilities on eBay.  After reading the seller's warning that some of the dyes might stain the vinyl, I decided to take the more costly yet safe avenue and visit IT Direct.  During that visit, I found a choice of two shoe packs made specifically for Janay.

2013 "The Premiere" Convention Edge of Night Color Infusion Shoe Pack One

I chose the pack with black shoes since black is more versatile.  The black boots in the pack looked pretty fly, too.   After the shoe pack arrived (addressed to someone named Darren Garrett -- not sure what the person who composed the address label was sipping or smoking), Janay tried on the cute black heels and the wide brimmed hat.  Both are perfect accents for the dress (although the hat tends to shed some of its fibers onto Janay's lovely face).

Janay models her new, made-for-her black shoes, then styles and profiles wearing the shoes, new hat, and clutching the purse I made.

During the initial search for clothing, I browsed the Etsy shop, Atelier ni Shasha, and considered purchasing the white striped maxi-length dress for Janay.  Since I already know two people who own it, I decided to wait until something else becomes available in the shop (wouldn't want our girls to feel embarrassed if seen together wearing the same fashion!).  Janay's wardrobe will increase soon enough.  After all, she has additional footwear that needs to be worn with something other than her borrowed dress. 

With hat slightly tilted, Janay took one final photo to wish you a Happy Labor Day!



Saturday, August 30, 2014

Who Wears It Best?

I removed the above Sparkle Girlz fashion from the card and tried it on several dolls to see which body types fit these fashions best.

I was surprised to discover the top is a bodysuit, as modeled by Swappin' Styles Artsy.  The skirt sits low on the waist.  There is a black ribbon sewn underneath the skirt in the center to create a crotch.  The black shoes are flexible with a split in back for ease of putting on and removing.

Alvin Ailey American Dancer Theater Barbie, photograph courtesy of D. Davis aka #TheBarbieKing

Fellow doll enthusiast, D. Davis aka #TheBarbieKing, shared a photo of his muse, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie.  Wearing the body suit alone, this ebony complexioned beauty makes a bold fashion statement.

Artsy now wears the complete fashion in the above photo.  The top is snug across her broad shoulders, but I was able to Velcro it closed in back.  The skirt and shoes fit nicely. 

"Why are her lips so-big?" my daughter asked me recently.  Poor Denise underwent lip enhancement last year, which was a mega failure.  As my daughter stated, "It's just too much!"

Again, on Denise, the body suit is tight.  The skirt and shoes fit.

Dressing the thinner frame of the Chic Boutique doll in this fashion posed no problems.  The body suit is actually a little loose in the waist and hip area, however.  The shoes are perfect for her slender feet.

Next in line to try the fashion on was Kara.  Same verdict here:  Snug fit for the body suit while the skirt and shoes fit.

The last one of my dolls to try on the fashion was Brandy.  As you can see, it appears to be a comfortable fit.  However, the top is snug across her shoulders and a little loose in the waist area.  The shoes are a different story.  See the next image.

Brandy is basically standing "on" the back half of the shoes.  The front of her feet stop where the yellow arrow points.  Perhaps if she did not have cankles, her foot could be placed further inside the shoe. 

Of the dolls I tried the fashion on, it fits best on the Chic Boutique doll, but I like it best on Kara.


After seeing D. Davis' photos of dolls wearing the gray bodysuit and red plaid skirt separately along with other Sparkle Girlz fashions, and appreciating his ability to blend the fashion with other clothing, I asked his permission to share the photo of AAADT Barbie (above) and the next photo. 

These Barbies look fab-u-lous in Sparkle Girlz fashions.  Photograph courtesy of D. Davis aka #TheBarbieKing
Above, Oklahoma Cheerleader Barbie is dressed in the "love" dress.  Davis' muse, AAADT Barbie, now wears the top from another Sparkle Girlz fashion while Barbie Basics Red pairs the red plaid skirt with a white blouse she already had.

D. Davis, a collector since the '90s, who loves his Barbies and GI Joes, appreciates "the more solid muted colors" of these fashions and added, "Sparkle Girlz clothing gives you other options." 

Thanks again D. Davis for sharing the photos of your lovely ladies with us!