Thursday, October 23, 2014

♥Jazlin and James♥

Jazlin and James, photo courtesy of fellow collector, Dawn

Fellow doll collector, Dawn, shared the photo on the left of Jazlin and James, 14-inch anatomically correct, all-vinyl dolls made in Spain.  Jazlin and James are two of the 34 dolls purchased by Harpo Studios from Pattycake Doll Company that were used on several recent episodes of  Iyanla Fix My Life.  Even though I no longer collect baby dolls, I am so impressed with their actual appearance that I am quite tempted to order a pair for myself.  Prior to purchasing James (before discovering Jazlin), Dawn wrote, I believe this doll is going to be talked about years from now like the black doll used in the [Doll Test] color experiment.

I too believe the dolls will become historically significant, but more than that, I think they are precious!  I find their ethnically correct facial features quite impressive.  It is apparent the doll maker took extra measures to ensure the dolls look authentically black.

When browsing the Pattycake Doll Company's website, after publishing a previous post about this pair, I saw another doll that interests me because she looks like a real little girl.  Her name is Kayla.  See her here

Kudos to the makers of these dolls and to Pattycake Doll Company for offering them and so many other multicultural dolls from which parents can choose for their children, ages newborn and up.  Their store is proof that dolls for all children are available if you know where to look.

Thanks again Dawn!

(Jazlin and James are $34.99 each.) 



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Janay's New Fashions, a Mini Photo Shoot

There is so much mixing and matching that can be done with the tunics and leggings I ordered for Color Infusion Janay from Shasha of atelierniShasha.

The items purchased were revealed in a previous post, seen here.  Janay has tried on the textured black leggings, which fit her like second skin.  She wore the red paisley tank with these for about a week before trying on additional tanks, with and without the black leggings, this past weekend.  Her photo shoot follows:

Red paisley tunic is paired with black textured leggings and Janay's black high heels.
A yellow tunic is worn with black textured leggings and Janay's black boots.  I made a "temporary" black belt for her waist.
The tunic is actually long enough to wear as a mini dress as shown above.  It looks great with the boots which have a strip of faux leather in front center with black mesh sides.  The books conveniently have a back zipper.
Black and white striped tunic is worn as a mini dress with black knee-high boots.
Black textured leggings look great with the black and white striped tunic.  Janay wears her black heels and has added a faux diamond encrusted, bow-shaped choker.
In this final photo, Janay wears her black felt hat as she waits patiently on my desk for her next photo shoot.  She is accompanied by Darla Daley who has been waiting patiently on my desk for over a year to be joined with two of her sisters who arrived after her.  Darla just happens to be wearing another Shasha fashion that I won in a contest by Shasha in February 2013.

Janay has many more fashion options with other leggings and tanks that have yet to be tried on.  Let's not forget her slip dress in beach colors or the black and white tribal chevron dress, which should arrive soon. 


As mentioned in the previous post about Janay's new clothes, Halle attempted to get my attention with the hand gesture illustrated above.  I incorrectly assumed she wanted to borrow some of Janay's new clothes, which still might be true, but I discovered yesterday that her earrings had fallen out.  One was on the shelf below her chair.  The other had fallen into a box of doll items purchased for my niece that was on the floor in front of the shelf where Halle is displayed. 

Now that both earrings have been found and replaced in her ears, Ms. Halle is content and so am I.  (Yeah, the shelf below Halle is mostly used for storage; ignore it.)



Monday, October 20, 2014

Cute International Travel Friends by Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander Travel Friends are BOGO (buy one get one) 25% off until October 31, 2014.  The dolls are 7 inches tall, vinyl, jointed at elbows and knees, priced $16.95 each and 25% off when the code FRIENDS 25 is used at checkout (scroll down for the link to the Madame Alexander website). 

Source of above photo and following text from Madame Alexander Doll Company, LLC:
NEW YORKOct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrating world cultures through play, the Madame Alexander Doll Company introduces a new play doll series, Travel Friends - International Collection, first, in a new series of dolls for children ages 3+.  With a rich history of designing dolls that are admired and cherished for their beauty and craftsmanship, Madame Alexander's newest series of play dolls has been created to showcase nine countries, encouraging children to learn about and embrace a variety of cultures from around the world. Crafted with the quality and details of each country's cultures and costumes, these dolls are perfectly sized for playful portability. 
Each doll welcomes you into her world with a Hello! from her county and offers fun facts and highlights of interesting places to explore in her hometown. These beautiful 7" dolls are small in size, with key attributes including traditional and ethnic removable outfits and accessories. Along with being fully bendable and poseable, each have rooted, playable hair, which will keep girls entertained for hours and wanting to collect them all! The countries in the series are France, Italy, India, Kenya, Ireland, Mexico, Germany, China, and Russia.  Each doll is retailed at $16.95.
A winner of Dr. Toy's 10 Best Toys of 2014, Madame Alexander Travel Friends were hand selected to receive the prestigious "10 Best" award. These products are carefully chosen from many hundreds of reviews at toy fairs, catalogs and many other sources, and by using extensive criteria developed over many years.  The Dr. Toy 10 Best list is chosen as a service to consumers who want to purchase safe, affordable, educationally oriented, and stimulating toys and products for children.

Madame Alexander Travel Friends

Screen-captured image of Travel Friends Kenya

I think these little ones will make nice companions for each other as well as for playscale dolls.  The availability of more than one dark skinned Travel Friends would have been my preference for the BOGO offer.  As an alternate buying source, Kenya and some of the other Travel Friends are available for $16.99 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.