Friday, April 24, 2015

This Just In: Ava Duvernay Doll

Several websites have reported Mattel's creation of a Barbie in the likeness of Selma director, Ava Duvernay

The doll has braids, not locs, like Ms. Duvernay; and unfortunately production is limited to one as in one-of-a-kind.

Read more: here  and see the other dolls created to honor Kristin Chenoweth, Emmy Rossum, Trisha Yearwood, Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen, and 5-year-old fashion designer Sydney Keiser.



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Beautiful Dena Arrived In Need of Clothes and Shoes

Big Beautiful Dolls, Dena arrived nude as one of the last available dolls from Georgette Taylor.  "We"  immediately rummaged through available clothing to locate something suitable for her to wear.  A pair of shoes ordered after her arrival and after the first photos were taken were modeled last.  Below are the photos of the clothing and what she ultimately chose to wear. 

We knew this dress made by Shasha, designed for dolls with fewer curves, would be a stretch; but because the fabric gives, Dena agreed to try it on for "size."

A view from the rear shows how far those stripes can stretch.

Because Halle had been wearing the Shasha dress and needed something to wear in the meantime, she tried on this full-length, quite roomy, Sparkle Girlz dress that has thin ribbon straps.  Dena tried it on after returning Halle's dress to her.

We tucked away the green shoulder straps of the Sparkle Girlz dress.  It accentuates Dena's curves as well as exposes her most prominent one... this dress was returned to the Sparkle Girlz clothing stash.
Next, Dena tried a Franklin Mint fashion made for their 14-inch Jackie Kennedy doll.  In this photo the hemline is folded under and there is even more posterior exposure.

While she looks great in peach, full tush coverage is a must!
Franklin Mint  Jackie Kennedy Bear Canadian Mountie red suit ensemble almost fits like it was made for Dena (and not a stuffed bear), but the pillbox hat is too large for her head.
Made for Wilde Imagination Lizette, this purple dress came with a handmade choker, crocheted clutch, and floral patterned mesh stockings.

Except for the long length (because Lizette is 4 inches taller), the hose fit Dena.
Unfortunately, the bodice of the purple dress is a snug fit.  I had a difficult time snapping it closed in back.  Doing so leaves some of the inner lining exposed.  For that reason, this dress was not selected.
I found this so-60s, flower-power-looking dress in a doll trunk while looking for the Jackie Kennedy teddy bear ensemble.  I have no idea which doll arrived wearing this, but I do recall immediately redressing the mystery doll and storing this dress.  The bodice area fits loosely on Dena.  She could pull off wearing it if she or I desired.  We decided instead to return it to the doll trunk.
When all else fails, making a sock dress is a viable option.  Dena models two different looks created with the above sock after it was cut just above the heel area.

The hemline is a little jagged because the scissors I used are dull.  Here the dress is worn with a shrug created after the toe area was cut away from the remaining piece.

In the first look, the shrug is crisscrossed in back.

In this second look, the shrug becomes a bodice.  With the back portion brought over her head, it rests around the front of her neck to create a semi-choker.

View of the bodice/semi-choker from the back
I will have to purchase more toddler-size crew socks and make more of these dresses for Dena, using sharp scissors for cutting.

Before these white vinyl pumps arrived, Dena tried on and made the above dress her final selection.   We are satisfied with the fit of the dress and shoes.  (The dress was made for Wilde Imagination Lizette, who can be seen wearing it with matching scarf and hat here.)
If you too are in need of fashions for any of the Big Beautiful Dolls (Dasia, Dena, or Dawn), check out Vanessa's Etsy Shop for items she plans to stock that were written about here

I purchased Dena's shoes on eBay. 



Monday, April 20, 2015

11 More Sparkle Girlz Fashions

New Sparkle Girlz Fashions; with the exception of color, these two tiered lace dresses are similar in style.  Both come with gray shoes but they are different in style.

Walmart had restocked the Sparkle Girlz fashions the last time I visited.  I thumbed through the two display boxes and chose the fashions shown above and the ones shown below.

The coral skirt has sequins at the waist.  The cotton print dress has a tiered skirt, accented with synthetic suede at the waist.  The light blue sleeveless jacket adds the perfect touch.

Red-white and blue themed fashion with flared denim skirt has stars;  the top is sleeveless.  The dress on the right looks like two pieces.  The top is paisley with a ruffle neckline.  Both fashions have handbags.

These two came with a pair of shoes as shown.  Both fashions are two pieces. 

Summer dress and party dress with shoes for both

This loose-fitting, full-length dress has flared hem that matches the bodice. A lavender clutch is included.
 For $1.97 each, I could not leave these behind.