Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fashion Madness Denise x2 More

Summer Sleek and Super Cool Fashion Madness Denise

My first Fashion Madness Denise, Shimmer Fun, arrived a year ago, in September 2013 and readily underwent a lip enhancement procedure that went wrong.  I was a little too zealous in my attempt to enlarge Denise's lips and change her too pale lip color.

Recently, I decided to purchase another Denise and leave well enough alone.  That purchase resulted in buying the two dolls shown above, which for now will remain in their never removed from box state.  The dolls were offered in a buy it now auction for $14.99 or best offer.  I offered $10 which was countered at $12 for one doll and $10 for a second.  I accepted the counter offer.

As I indicated in my Excel entry to document the purchase, I wanted to have at least one Fashion Madness Denise that maintains the manufactured appearance.  Now I have two with that look.

Kenya's World, LLC, 2013 Fashion Madness Denise, Summer Sleek Friend of FM Kenya, Denise is 11-1/2 inches, articulated at elbows, wrists, and knees with black rooted hair, painted brown eyes, smile with appearance of teeth, pale lip color; wears brown/tan animal print dress, black and gold shoulder bag, gold high-heel shoes, silver and faux diamond earrings; purchased to have a doll with the manufactured appearance since I over-enhanced the lips of the one purchased last year.
Kenya's World, LLC, 2013 Fashion Madness Denise, Super Cool Same doll as above with different outfit that consists of lime green tank, black faux leather jacket, blue/yellow/pink ruched skirt, black calf-high boots, pink shoulder bag, silver and faux diamond earrings and matching necklace.
Summer Sleek Denise shows off her black patent-leather shoulder bag that has a gold tone chain strap and several rows of pyramid-shaped studs that line the bottom. 
Shimmer Fun Denise has articulated knees only and now even darker lip color.  She poses with the two new girls. 



Monday, September 15, 2014

Wigged Out Before and After

Manufactured and handmade wigs

The dolls in this post were manufactured with molded hair and came with an extra wig or two, or I elected to add a wig to change the doll's appearance.  In some cases, I made the wigs or purchased them from others. Before and after photos illustrate the different looks that can be achieved by changing a doll's hairstyle using wigs. 

Soldier Story action figure and Barbie Basics Denim Model 8 (before)

Above dolls, after being wigged
The Soldier Story guy wears a wig made by Paulette of Limbe Dolls.  Barbie wears a custom wig by Tabloach Productions.  The Tabloach wig* is designed to be worn over cut hair; however, my doll maintains her original short blonde hair underneath.  This is not the first time Model 8 had her look changed through the use of a wig.  The first time was in June 2011.  That transformation was illustrated here.

I have yet to debox Jazz Diva Barbie, another doll whose look can be transformed using the wigs Mattel included in her packaging.  She comes with a total of three, the one she wears over molded hair, and two extras.

Wooden dolls by Floyd Bell with carved and painted hair (before)

Dolls by Floyd Bell (after)
Floyd Bell utilized several tiny surface holes in the heads of the two dolls above along with black paint to create an illusion of hair.  For the doll in yellow, I made a skull cap and applied synthetic hair fibers to fashion the short curly wig she wears.  The wig the doll in plaid wears was purchased online.

Adele Makeda
Adele Makeda has molded hair and came with a black Afro wig.  Using the skull cap wig-making method, I made a salt and pepper (more salt than pepper) ponytail wig with bangs for her. Braiding hair was used to create the gray wig. 

So In Style Rocawear Darren and Glam Barbie (before)

Darren and Glam Barbie (after)
Over their original hair styles (molded and rooted, respectively) S.I.S. Darren and Glam Barbie wear wigs courtesy of Paulette of Limbe Dolls.  Darren's wig is black yarn twists; Barbie's is curly braids of yarn. 

Franklin Mint's Official White House Portrait Doll of Michelle Obama (before and after)
FLOTUS by Franklin mint now wears a black wig with bangs (which is worn over her original black bang-less wig -- of course I didn't cut her hair or any of the other dolls' hair shown thus far).

Robert Tonner's Jon (before and after)

Jon achieved her new look with a dreadlocks wig I made for her using the skull cap method** and application of individual dreadlocks that I made using Lock Twist braiding hair.   Her original hair is in a low-lying ponytail underneath the wig which completely overs the original hair.

1990s Teresa did experience a big chop before the braided wig was added.
Teresa's original brown rooted hair was quite tangled when the doll was found in my daughter's former bedroom among several of her other childhood dolls that I rescued.  I was forced to cut the hair before giving her a complete makeover using a Limbe Dolls braided wig. 

Basic Russell by Robert Tonner (before and after)
Basic Russell's original rooted hair is styled in a ponytail.  He still maintains the ponytail, but it is now underneath dreadlocks, a wig purchased online from another collector. 

All-Natural Lizette Spice by Wilde Imagination (before and after)

Underneath her original manufactured Afro wig, Lizette is bald.  She arrived with the Afro wig and a long straight wig.  In her "after" look, Lizette wears an Afro puff purchased from a local beauty supply store.  The Afro puff has a drawstring underneath which allows adjusting for a secure fit.  It now serves as her new and improved Afro. 

Have you rewigged any of your dolls or have you future plans to do so?


*See the Tabloach wig (in black) being styled on a doll's head here.
**Jon's wig-making process using the skull cap method seen here.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Need a Dasia?

Big Beautiful Doll Dasia

Many have expressed interest in owning a Big Beautiful Doll Dasia.  I asked Georgette Taylor, one of the creators of the doll line, if additional dolls were available.  She only has nude dolls like the one I purchased from her in July for my Maya Angelou doll project and as seen on the left.  

Georgette invited me to have those interested in purchasing one of the nude dolls to contact her directly.  Her email address is:

She only has the nude dolls, no clothing or shoes.  The cost is $25 + $8 shipping to anyone in the US.  International shipping is higher based on location.