Monday, July 6, 2020

The Queen of Hearts Reigns!

Maryland Society of Doll Collectors 2020 Luncheon, special-box limited-edition Queen of Hearts

Each time I share photos of the Maryland Society of Doll Collectors 2020 Luncheon dolls, everyone raves about Queen of Hearts (shown above). Many have expressed their desire to own a Black Queen of Hearts doll. It would be wonderful if Goldie Wilson, the artist, would create a different limited edition version of Black Queen of Hearts to satisfy the desires of those who would like to add one to their collection. I am writing this post to put this desire out into the universe. Goldie, if you're listening...

I also wanted to share more detailed photographs of my Queen of Hearts (QoH) doll to include the back of her dress, photographs of which were taken specifically for this post.  The additional photos are below:

Facial close-up
The close-up of QoH's face illustrates her handmade crown that is embellished with faux jewels. She has heavy red eye shadow, light brown stationary eyes, and a heart painted over her top and lower lips. Her red fiery wig is short and curly.

Dress bodice
The bodice of her dress is a white fabric with a heart-print pattern. White tulle is at the neck of the dress. The puffed sleeves are made of red and white check fabric. Two red ribbons are on either side at the waist.
QoH holds a red-handled scepter on top of which is a silver crown emblem. Below the crown is a Queen of Hearts playing card on both sides of the handle.

The elaborate skirt of QoH's dress is shown here.
The shirt of this doll's dress is made of the same white heart-print fabric used for the bodice. The center of the skirt is playing-card-print fabric. An overlay of red tulle on the side of the skirt extends to the back.

Red and pink heart fabric was used for QoH's pantaloons. She wears black painted-on shoes.

Handmade wig
QoH's red wig is shown from the back in the above image. The back is wavy whereas the hair in the front that frames her face is curly.

The back of the bodice
The back bodice closure is enhanced with three red ribbons. The neck tulle can be seen from the back.

Back view of the skirt
The red tulle overlay of the skirt is illustrated from the back in this photo. The white heart-print fabric underneath can also be seen.

Full-length view from the back
The full-length view from the back illustrates the back of the crown, the red hair, the bodice and sleeves, and the skirt of the dress.

This is Queen of Heart's special box.
The special presentation box for Queen of Hearts and the upgraded Alice in Wonderland was decorated by Goldie with faux jewel embellishments and hand painting as illustrated above.

Queen of Hearts is stored in her decorative box with the White Rabbit and the upgraded version of Alice in Wonderland. This special box of dolls was created in a limited edition of 12.
Queen of Hearts is shown in the final photograph above with the upgrade Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit. This truly is a very special group of dolls that spare no detail. Simply exquisite!

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