Thursday, July 2, 2020

Another Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, the souvenir doll from the Maryland Society of Doll Clubs 2020 Luncheon
The Maryland Society of Doll Clubs 2020 Luncheon Doll, Alice in Wonderland -- the doll planned for all luncheon attendees to receive -- has now joined the upgraded Alice that preceded her (shown in a previous post and again later in this post).

Goldie Wilson, the artist, made two versions of Alice, a basic doll and an upgraded Alice made in an edition of 12 dolls. The basic Alice is shown above and below.  In this blog post, the differences between the two dolls are discussed, and finally, basic Alice is shown with all the dolls from the collection.

The close-up of basic Alice's face illustrates her brown stationary eyes, which are shaped differently from the upgraded Alice's eyes.
Basic Alice's handmade wig (shown from the back) has spiral curls. 

Basic Alice's delightfully decorated box arrived with crumpled top edges thanks to UPS. It has hand-drawn images by Goldie Wilson of the Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, and a card soldier is at the bottom.
Basic Alice (on the left) is shown with White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, and the upgraded Alice

The two Alices pose together
Basic Alice's dress is a variegated light blue with a white cotton pinafore. She has a thin netting underneath the skirt, and she wears plain white pantaloons. Upgraded Alice's dress is made of light blue print fabric. The pinafore is made of white eyelet. She has a full crinoline petticoat that hangs below the hemline of the dress. Her pantaloons were made of white fabric with a white leaf print. Both dolls are 14-inches with porcelain heads, arms, legs, and breastplates. The bodies are cloth.  Both have painted-on white stockings and painted-on black shoes. They both wear pearl stud earrings.
Close-up photo of both Alices.
In the above close-up of the Alice in Wonderland dolls, their facial differences are apparent. Their eye shape is different. In addition to other subtle differences, the upgraded doll's face is slightly fuller.

Basic Alice's hair is longer. Her curls are spiral-shaped. The upgraded doll has Shirley-Temple-style curls.

Basic Alice poses with her decorated box.
All the dolls and the White Rabbit pose together.

In the final photo, basic Alice poses with all the dolls and the White Rabbit from the Maryland Society of Doll Collectors 2020 Luncheon. The luncheon, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

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