Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rocawear SIS @Mattel Shop 15% Coupon Use Ebates

So In Style Rocawear Grace, Darren, Trichelle, and Marisa
Mattel stock photos (combined)

I know I am only supposed to share merchants' for sale items on my Dolls for Sale Blog, but I know so many who do not follow that blog may be looking for this complete set.  I will probably write a dual blog for this -- one here and one there.

Those who have not been successful in finding the latest wave of Barbie So In Style Rocawear dolls (shown above) may want to purchase them online from the Mattel Shop (; all four dolls are available at the time of this writing for $12.99.  Please read this entire post first to take advantage of two and possibly four ways to save on your purchase.

1.  If you are registered with, go to first, and from there link to by entering "mattel shop" in ebate's search box, then click the Mattel link.  You'll get 2% cash back on your purchase.   (If you are not already registered with, do so here.)

2.  If you have not already joined the email family, join it at their website (see the banner at the top of their home page) to get an additional 10% off your first order. Now -- I am not sure the additional 10% will work along with items 3 and/or 4, below, but the possibility that it will is worth joining their email loop.

3. For 15% off your order, use coupon code FEB15OFF during checkout at

4. If your order totals $50 or more, use coupon code FSOVER50 to get free shipping. 

You may only be able to use one of the above coupon codes, but again, I would try both.  Both coupon codes are good through 02/29/2012.

Happy Saturday and happy shopping.


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Chynadoll said...

Thanks for this post, I was able to get thm all! Whoo hoo! I have been looking for Marissa for a while now lol. Thanks again:)

Frannie said...

Debbie, Thanks so much for posting! Chynadoll and I were both looking for Marissa in different stores yesterday and none to be found. The 15% off coupon is expired. Also to find the dolls you have to put Rocawear in the search box. They don't come up if you click some of the links. Thanks again!!!! Marissa is on her way!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi Frannie,

I am glad you were able to purchase Marisa.

I'm sorry the coupon didn't work for you. Did you enter through, or did you go directly to Shop.Mattel? In order for the code to work, you may have had to use the ebates link. According to ebates' website both coupons are good through 02/29/12, but they may only be good if you go to Shop.Mattel from

For others who may have trouble finding the dolls, the direct link is: SIS Rocawear dolls. You can always cart the dolls, got to ebates, link back to (the dolls should still be carted) and then proceed with your check out and use of the coupons.

Hope this helps!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Woo hoo Chynadoll! Do you know I actually went to Target yesterday looking for Marisa for you (I read one of your comments on someone blog that you wanted her)? None were in stock. I had seen them last week at Wal-Mart for $13 and some change -- more than what Target is selling them for. At the time I didn't know you needed/wanted Marisa, otherwise, I would have gotten her last week. I guess things happen for a reason. Glad you were able to get the complete set.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

[someone's] blog

Chynadoll said...

Yes, Frannie and I have been on the mad hunt for her as soon as we heard she was in stores. I guess NJ for some strange reason does not want to sell her here LOL. I really appreciate that you were going to go out look for her for me :) thanks for that . Yes things happen for a reason and this post helped me get her finally :)

cosmodollitan ELLE said...

I can only use my phone and didn't see this post but looked sat nught there anyway and only saw locks of love. :-( Whoever does their categorizing stinks tho. ATT messed up but we were supposed to have Internet Friday. I am a sad panda. Hopefully, I can have better luck later. :-/ Sorry about typo and stuff; this isn't working right.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Use the link included in my reply to Frannie to access the Rocawear dolls. It can be difficult to find specific dolls at their website.