Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Wendy by Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander, 2016 Birthday Wishes Wendy #71467 has dark brown sleep eyes, dark brown hair styled in ponytail, wears, polka dot fuchsia party dress and fuchsia petticoat, white tights, and pink patent-leather Mary Jane shoes.

Throughout the years Madame Alexander has released their 8-inch Wendy doll in a variety of birthday themes.  Some years included boys.  I have several of these in my collection dating back to the 1990s.  I purchased some and others were gifts.

One of my multiple, nearly out-of-control June purchases includes Birthday Wishes Wendy by Madame Alexander, released in 2016.  After seeing the doll deeply discounted on Zulily, I could not resist the urge to add her to my birthday Wendy collection.

I took only one photo (shown above) of Birthday Wishes Wendy to add to my doll inventory worksheet. Since my other birthday-theme Wendy's have been featured in a previous post (along with other dolls), I decided to gather all photos and place together here in one post.

Madame Alexander Wendy dolls, Balloons for Your Birthday and Dairy Queen Blizzard (not a birthday doll) -- these Wendys use the exclusive African American head sculpt. 

Happy Birthday dolls by Madame Alexander, Birthday Boy and Girl (1992), Happy Birthday Wendy (1999) and Happy Birthday Wendy 2005 -- these dolls have the original Wendy face, which was used for both AA and Caucasian dolls.  Wendy's appearance changed in 2004 with an exclusive head sculpt created for the AA doll.
More posts will follow regarding my out-of-control June doll acquisitions.  Once again, I am pulling in the reins on doll purchases.

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