Monday, July 4, 2016

A Little Lammily Play: Clothing, Hair, and Shoes

Slip dress by Shasha, shoes by Limbé Dolls, faux hawk by yours truly

After Curvy Barbie #39  arrived, I wondered if Jeanne (Photographer Lammily) could wear any of her clothes. The answer, unfortunately, is no. While I had her undressed, I remembered the comment Amaruq made to my original Lammily post about Lammily dolls' ability to wear a Sparkle Girlz sundress. I still have not located my full-length Sparkle Girlz sundress, but the thought of it brought to mind the beach colored slip dress made for "busty 12-inch Fashion Royalty dolls" by Shasha.  Because it is made of knit, it fits Jeanne's fuller figure. She models it above, worn with a pair of action figure sandals made by Paulette of Limbé Dolls.

Did you notice Jeanne's faux hawk?  After removing the two barrettes and rubber band that had been used to keep her hair away from her face, I created three sections of hair, pulled these toward the center of her head and wrapped rubber bands around each section to create this look.

I also pierced her ears using Dritz quilting pins like the ones shown here.  They create perfect stud earrings.

Here is a closer look at how well the action figure sandals fit Jeanne's feet (see link to tutorials at the end of this post).  The soles are comprised of two contrasting colors of foam.  Crisscrossed suede laces create the straps.

Jeanne tried on another pair of sandals made by Paulette.  Scaled for Power Team figures, these basket weave sandals are a little wide for her narrow feet, but she is able to pull them off to wear with the slip dress.

Full view of slip dress with woven sandals

Jeanne released her faux hawk to create a full Afro and tried on a knee-length Sparkle Girlz sundress made of a stretch fabric.  It is a neat fit.  Things are looking promising.  Up to this point of play, Jeanne found two dresses and two extra pairs of shoes she can borrow.

Sparkle Girlz sundress worn with her original shoes

View from the back illustrates the perfect fit.

I created one additional hairstyle by pulling Jeanne's hair up onto the top of her head to create one Afro puff.  This gives her a sleeker look and she knows it.  Check out that pose I created by clicking one of her arms and one knee into this position.

Finally, I decided to try my hand at making Jeanne a sock dress.  Other than cutting the arm holes too wide, which cannot be seen in my photo, it looks nice.

Jeanne models her yellow sock dress worn with her original shoes.
A toddler-size yellow sock was cut above the heel area where the sock is smooth.  Two small slits were made on the sides for arm holes.  With the dress on her body and arms in both armholes, the smooth area, now the top of the dress, was turned down with raw edges tucked under to create this off-shoulder look and also cover the raw edges of the armhole slits.  Of course the slits can be sewn around the edges or the edges sealed with fabric glue to prevent fraying.  I will make a better sock dress for Jeanne and do one of these two things to prevent fraying.

These few minutes of play gave me encouragement that dressing Jeanne will not be as hopeless as I had imagined.

Link to action figure sandal tutorials by Limbé Dolls (there are several different videos).  In the past, Paulette has made and sold action figure sandals in her Etsy store, but none are listed currently.  I will make more that are specifically for Jeanne.  I am also looking forward to Vanessa making shoes and clothes for Lamilly to sell through her Etsy store.

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