Monday, July 11, 2016

Hasbro World of Love, My Souls #2 and #3

Second edition World of Love Soul by Hasbro, was released in 1973.  The shrink wrap is still intact.  The right side of box is a little crumpled as is the cardboard illustration of the doll, but the doll is mint and that is what matters to me.

As mentioned in my previous post, after restyling a played-with World of Love Soul, I communicated with an eBay seller who offered to sell me a never removed from box (NRFB) second edition Soul (shown above).  The price was one that I could not refuse; therefore, I purchased the doll along with two mint in package fashions from the same seller (see next two photos).

These two fashions (Quilted Pants and Buttons 'N Stripes) appear in the company's 1973 catalog.
I also purchased this pair of  World of Love apple green boots from the seller mentioned above.


My Soul #3

First edition NRFB World of Love Soul by Hasbro 1971 with instruction sheet on putting doll's boots on and off.

Within days of purchasing the second edition Soul, the MIP fashions, and boots, I went on to win an eBay auction for a first edition, NRFB Soul!  She is my Soul #3.

This note regarding the dolls' boots is included in each World of Love doll's box, both the first and second editions.


During the same week, another seller offered the following lot of World of Love fashion pieces for $1.99; and yes, I won that auction too.

The loose World of Love pieces shown above are L-R:

  • Fashion worn by the Deluxe Love doll:  Yellow maxi dress with orange and white flower power coat (the coat would be worn over the dress). Coat has four brass eyelets through which a missing orange lace would be threaded for closure.   Also missing is a head scarf that matches the jacket fabric.
  • I have been unable to document the fashions the pink multicolored neck scarf and navy blue felt shoulder bag were released with.  The shoulder bag has a dome-shaped white button above a snap closure.
  • The denim Jacket went with JazzyJeans fashion, while the acid-washed bell-bottom denim pants with silver stud trim at mock pockets and hems were part of Adam’s original fashion.
  • Corduroy Knicker Suit:  Gold jacket and knickers with brown, orange, and gold shoulder bag (the gold and white plaid corduroy cap and brown knee-high boots are missing).  

These individual pieces came with a World of Love (WOL) booklet which illustrates dolls, fashions, and other WOL accessories.  I scanned some of the illustrated fashions:

The illustrated fashions above are Felt Pants Suit #4473, The Gaucho #4474, and Suede Fringed Vest #4475 (suede is misspelled as seude). 

These fashions, which were sold separately by Hasbro, are from L-R:  Quilted Pants #4450 (I purchased this from the seller of the second edition Soul); Love Jumper #4451; Belted Jumper #4452; Buttons 'N Stripes #4453 (I purchased this one, too); Sport Gear #4454, Multi Color Mini #4455; Plaid Cape #4470; Jazzy Jeans #4471 (the jacket was included with the loose pieces I purchased); and Jersey 'N Jumpsuit (the caption for this one reads: 'N Jumpsuit).  I was offered Jersey 'N Jumpsuit by the seller of the second edition Soul, but I passed (next photo).

The first seller offered this Jersey 'N Jumpsuit WOL fashion that I declined.

Soul #1 (my first Soul doll) poses with the first and second edition dolls, my #2 and #3 Souls.
It is amazing how restyling a doll led to desiring an upgrade and willing not one, but two into existence.  I need to doll play and wish more often.

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