Friday, July 1, 2016

Curvy #39 Emoji Fun Finally Here! (Revised)

I waited over a month for ShopMattel dot com to ship Curvy #39 Emoji Fun Barbie Fashionista, which was part of a two-doll order placed by my son. I had requested this doll and the #33 tall redhead for my birthday when he asked, "What do you want for your birthday?" Tall arrived as scheduled and Emoji Fun finally showed up this past Wednesday.  I am still unable to understand Mattel's order fulfillment practices. While this doll was on preorder and backorder at ShopMattel, quantities were available and shipping on Amazon dot com.  What's up with that, Mattel?

I was happy to see her shipping box and her actual packaging inside, which was dinged in back, but I did not care as my plan was to immediately debox her, and I did.

In this photo, Curvy is still attached to the box liner with cellophane removed and discarded.
Before her arrival, I was expecting my doll's hair to be as straight as it is and not curly like the prototype's.  (See image of back of  box below, which includes an image of the advertised doll.)  Prior to receiving my doll, all other images of actual dolls I had seen had straight hair.  I have learned, however, that some dolls were released with curly hair.  Fellow doll enthusiast, Jewell, has shared images of her curly haired #39 in a blog post that can be read here.

I like her original outfit minus the jacket.  The pink shoes and pink clutch had to go, too. After removing the jacket, which felt as though it was stuck to the dress in front, I noticed a dark stain on the yellow bodice. (Sigh) Is my doll lactating or something?  I successfully removed this by wetting the area, applying a few granules of OxiClean and a drop or two of  hydrogen peroxide and rubbing the area with my finger until it faded.

This scan of #39's dress illustrates a smudge on the bodice.
With the arrival dress removed, Curvy tried on her two extra fashions:

The pink shoes and clutch work better with the pink striped top and "denim" skirt.

An extra shimmery blue dress, which she models with the black booties and red handbag accessories, shown below, was tried on next.  After her glasses were placed on her head for this photo, I noticed a small indentation in her right cheek from the pressure of the frames.

These are her extra black booties and red purse, which #39 chose to wear with the blue dress (above) and also with the yellow and black dress (see next photo).
Initially, I thought Curvy had the same head sculpt as Fashionista #20 (Fancy Flowers, whose name is now Coffey).  These two only share the same complexion and hair color (see next photo).
#39 poses with Coffey (Fancy Flowers), who is long overdue for a redress, long overdue!  These two share the same complexion and hair color.
#39 and her thin, light-skinned twin #6 ("Romper Chic")
Curvy and the auburn haired "Romper Chic," share the same head sculpt.  Thanks Ms. Leo for pointing this out to me.  I look forward to reading Ms. Leo's review of her #39.

The above photo of the back of #39's box shows a head shot and full view images of the prototype doll wearing the two extra fashions.  Note the curly hair.  Fashionistas Numbers 35, 38, 40, and 43 are also shown on the back of #39's box.

With Tall, Curvy #32 and now Emoji Fun, there aren't any others in the current line that I desire.
If these Curvy girls were articulated, they would be perfect!  Good news! We won't have to wait too long for articulated curvy dolls, based on photos I've browsed in the Barbie Instagram account. Below are links to three that included articulated curvy dolls:

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