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Where to Buy Black Dolls

This post includes a list of companies and websites in alphabetical order that sell black dolls and other dolls of color suitable for children.  These companies either sell black dolls exclusively or they have an inclusive doll line (with at least one doll of color included in their current lines).  The dolls will vary in price.  Trinity Dolls Inc. carries dolls made for adult collectors but will soon have dolls made for children.  Bookmark their website.  Names followed by an asterisk (*) are not US-based companies/sellers  Names followed by two asterisks (**) sell handmade dolls that are suitable for children.  AAC (denotes dolls suitable for adult collectors and children are available). The initials NH denote dolls with natural hair (all or some are sold at the site).

A Girls*  (NH)

Adora Dolls 

Adora Dolls Amazing Girls Sienna (an Amazon exclusive)  (NH)

American Girl (Addy, Create Your Own Doll, Gabriela, Melody, Truly Me; 18- and 5-inch-mini-dolls)

Barbie (some w/NH)

Beautiful Blessings (12-inch full-figured fashion dolls with a touch of elegance)

Creations by Ba'ucham (hand-crocheted dolls)**

Coloured Goodies* (NH)

Detroit Doll Show occurs annually the 2nd Saturday in November  (AAC)

Festival of Black Dolls Show and Sale occurs annually the 2nd Sat. in Nov. in Oakland, CA (AAC)

Fresh Dolls and Positively Perfect (NH, 12-inch fashion dolls, baby and toddler dolls)

Hearts for Hearts (multicultural dolls, NH)

Herstory Doll* (NH)

I am U Dolls (by Stacey McBride-Irby)

Ikuzi Dolls* (NH)

Journey Girls on Amazon

Kenya and Friends (some w/NH; see 2nd comment for retailers)

Lottie Dolls (Kid Activist Lottie has NH.)

Madame Alexander  (very limited dolls of color offerings)

Makedaa Dolls* (NH) (the link to the website has been removed because it is broken--I am not sure if this company is still in business.)

Malaville Toys* (NH)

Melanites (Jaylen, Action Pal)

My Life As (a Walmart-exclusive 18-inch doll line, also some mini dolls, some w/NH)

My Salon Doll (Dolls with stylable human hair)

Our Generation Dolls (Target-exclusive 18-inch dolls and accessories)

Pattycake Doll Company (a variety of multicultural dolls for everyone, NH); for mobile and tablet users, visit Patty Cake Doll Company's new site.  

Trinity Designs, Inc. (higher end, collectible sorority-inspired dolls, some w/NH)

Urbidolls* (NH)


Search Results for "African American Doll" at Amazon, Target, and Walmart:


Target also has a Just Like Me link where you can search for dolls with specific characteristics, e.g. skin tones, eye color, hair color, hair texture, etc.  I tried one skin tone category, but a variety of skin tones resulted.  Maybe this is still a work in progress.


(Earn cashback with qualifying purchases from the above three retailers and many others by joining Rakuten and navigating from Rakuten to their websites before your purchase is made.)

You can also search Etsy for "African American" or "Black" doll; read descriptions carefully as some dolls may not be suitable for children.

The 2017 article, "Where Are All the Black Dolls in Toy Stores?" by Antoine Speaks offers additional black-doll-buying sources and valid reasons why black-doll representation matters.

If you know the names of other companies that sell new black and brown dolls suitable for children, please add those names in a comment and I will revise this post with those names.

Disclaimer:  This list was compiled as a courtesy for those who have had difficulty finding black and brown dolls.  Please note that while I own dolls by many of these companies and/or know others who do, I am not affiliated with any of the companies or brands listed.  


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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