Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Barbie BMR1959 Collection

Snipped photos of the Barbie BMR1959 Collection (BMR stands for Barbie Millicent Roberts, which is Barbie's full name).

The Barbie BMR1959 collection of six dolls wearing '90s-inspired  "streetwear" is now in stock at Barbie.Mattel.com.  First announced several months ago with only silhouette images of the dolls, I had hoped that an African American male would be included in the collection.  Unfortunately, there is not!  Mattel, please do better.  Everyone needs to be represented and so often black male dolls are omitted, erased, eliminated from collector lines.

I did order three of the six and at checkout, there was a $27.94 promotional discount.  I did not have to enter a promo code.  I am not sure how long this promotion will last.  So if you're interested in adding these to your collection, order now.

Five of the six were available at Walmart.com.

The lovely girl in the floral dress and clear BMR1959 logo'd jacket is on Amazon at the time of this post; if you're a Prime member, shipping is free.


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