Sunday, July 10, 2011

1st African American 40-inch BJD

As I am in the process of finding new homes for some of my larger dolls, Vanessa -- the first 40in/101.6cm African American, ball-jointed doll, by German artist, Monika Levenig, is the first to be placed up for adoption via eBay.

A Youtube video of the artist demonstrates Vanessa's pose-ability.

The auction includes a full description with a link to a slideshow of images.

To access the auction, click here.



  1. your doll is so pretty. They are all so amazing. I can't imagine what your storage areas must look like. You should post pics.

    We bought a roller skating girl at a garage sale yesterday. She has on a 1990's neon ensemble and blades. Does this ring a bell for you? Leah has her outside right now, skating and bobbing her little mechanical head side to side. She's a real cutie. I hope I don't start wanting the larger dolls now...I'm already out of control with Fashion Dolls.

  2. Thanks, Kristl. Vanessa is a pretty doll.

    Your garage sale find sounds like Tyco's California Roller Blader. If the back of her neck is marked 1996 TYCO IND. INC./MADE IN CHINA, that's who she is.


  3. 1991 Tyco - but I am very impressed. You are THE authority. I used your description to look her up. That's the one! I knew you would know. Thanks for being so amazing.

  4. You're welcome!

    There are two versions. One is from 1991 and the other 1996. You have the earlier version -- same doll but different outfits.

    Thanks for the compliment!



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