Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hearts for Hearts Girls, Rahel

Hearts For Hearts Girls Rahel
Having arrived during the last week of June, Rahel is no longer on my wish list thanks to my BDFF (best doll friend forever).  I just love her too-cute face and her big brown eyes.  Even more than that, I adore her huge Afro. 

Representing Ethiopia, Rahel is dressed in a gold bodysuit, burnt orange full-length wrap skirt, tan faux leather sandals, yellow gemstone dangle earrings, and multiple strands of colorful beads and bracelets.  Her accessories include a book that tells her story, a girl-sized Hearts for Hearts necklace, a wide-toothed comb, and a special code that unlocks the owners membership in the Hearts for Hearts Girls online community.

Rahel received the customary photo shoot and also found a BFF in Nora, the doll I incorrectly thought shared the same face mold.   Photos follow.

The back of box illustrates the other Hearts for Hearts Girls that represent girls from other lands.

Deboxed and free; Rahel is all vinyl and stands 14 inches tall.

Rahel and BFF Nora by Paolo Reina of Spain could be sisters as well as BFFs.  Nora is a little over an inch shorter.
Thanks again, DR.



  1. Love the images you have here!! Your doll friends look great!! I have a huge collection I am looking to sell!! Including Lissi Batz dolls, many stars, Virginia Ehrich and Laura Cababe dolls!! Email me for images!!

  2. She has the most beautiful eyes. She is a real cutie.

  3. Thanks, Roxy Hawk. Good luck with your sales. I have several similar dolls that I need to liquidate as well.

    Thanks, Vanessa. This doll is very well-made, all-vinyl, and the hair is closely rooted.

    This diverse line of dolls has a doll for everyone. They come with a book that includes information about each doll's culture and native land. Rahel is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    The low cost ($29.99) is an added plus, too.


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