Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Remi's Relief

Remi upon arrival; this is not an optical illusion.
 Late afternoon this past Friday, preordered Remi by Integrity Toys from their Dynamite Girls Plastic Inevitable Collection, arrived damaged!  Needless to say I was very disappointed, not sure if a replacement could be issued for this now sold out edition doll, or if I would have to settle for a credit to my credit card.  I immediately contacted the merchant via email and received a prompt reply that the matter would be handled as expeditiously as possible considering the upcoming July 4th holiday.

The merchant telephoned me this afternoon with my options:
A.  Return the doll to Integrity Toys for repair/replacement by following the instructions provided on their website for "patient care." 
B.  Repair the doll myself by using a blow dryer to soften the vinyl of the neck area of the doll's head enough to reposition it on the knob.  Caution: An over mitt or other protective covering is required for the hand that holds the head!
C.  Send the doll to the merchant to repair for me.
I chose B.     

It took all of two minutes max to reconnect the head with the body.  Relieved, I took pictures and recorded Remi in my Excel doll inventory workbook as the first doll purchase for July 2011.

Remi, still in box after his quick fix
Asserting his confidence and good looks

Close up proof of good looks

Remi did not waste time connecting with Something Sexy Adele Makeda, who arrived this past March in perfect condition from A Philly Collector of Playscale and Action Figures.

 The repair, box freedom, and connection with Something Sexy has Remi relieved and quite satisfied.   Adele is pleased, too.




  1. He is so handsome. Much better than the promo pics. I don't pine for too many dolls, but I need this guy!

  2. Dani he is very handsome and very tall, too.

  3. Hi BDE! First time for me seeing these photos. I think I only saw the upper photos of Remi in comparison with the 12 plus/minus action figures. Wow he looks GREAT with that Adele.

    Thanks, for the PhillyCollector link, too ;-D And so glad that Adele reached you intact.

  4. You're welcome, D7ana. I'm glad you eventually discovered this one.


  5. You are right, I missed this post. He does look better in person. Glad you got Adele, too.


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