Saturday, July 23, 2011

Swappin' Styles Swappable Head #2 for Artsy

Swappable head #1, Barbie Fashionistas Swappin' Styles Artsy, and swappable head #2

Found at Target, the second swappable head for Barbie Swappin' Styles Fashionistas Artsy has curly hair that is darker than swappable head #1.   Head #2 also differs distinctly from the original head in color and texture. 

Head swapping, illustrated:

Artsy has a button on her back which releases her head and the entire breast plate.

Artsy's original head has been popped off.

Head #2 (on the right) is on her body.  The original head is placed nearby for comparison.  Swappable head #1 is still in the box... it's too much like the original head.

Artsy with darker, textured hair

Different is definitely better. 




  1. Love the new hair! I guess Mattel heard you and the countless other people that complained.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa. Yes, I think Mattel did hear us.


  3. I love the 2nd head too. I didn't buy the 1st for the same reasons but received it in a swap gift..LOL. The 2nd girl got to keep the body too. the other heads I put to the side to be sold off :O)

  4. Great idea Dollz4Moi -- while I am in sell mode, I may try to sell the 1st swappable head, too. There's really no point in for me to keep it.


  5. Artsy's second swappable head looks best to me, too. I like the darker hair and the curlier, more textured hair.

    Thanks for the comparison shots.

  6. D7ana - you're welcome.

    With recent manipulation of Swappin' Styles Artsy (who has been kept in the seated position due to her unstable knee joints), I discovered turning one foot inward while in the standing position allows her to hold that pose. She's still unstable, but at least she can stand without her knees collapsing.


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