Saturday, July 2, 2011

Every Girl is a Princess

Princess Arabella manufactured by Kessebes Toys

After visiting my blog, doll designer, author/illustrator, Mylo Freeman, kindly introduced me to Princess Arabella, a 15-inch cuddly doll.

Ms. Freeman wrote
I'm also trying to promote the black doll , since there are not many, let alone, nice black dolls for sale here in Europe (Amsterdam, Holland).
My aim is to let every little girl, through my dolls and books feel like a princess!
The inspiration (gleaned from where the dolls are sold): 
Ms. Freeman heard a story about a small Surinam girl who could not believe that black princesses exist simply because the princesses we see are usually blond and blue-eyed.  This story touched her so that immediately she wanted to do something about it!  From her archive Mylo found a picture of this little black girl with beautiful tails. And there: princess Arabella was born!

While reading to children, Mylo wanted to use something that might appeal to them in a special way. So she made this large doll of Princess Arabella. And because there are not that many nice black dolls around, she decided to produce a series of dolls herself!

The 30-page, lift-the-flap book, Every Girl is a Princess (Clavis Publishing, March 1, 2011) features Princess Arabella and celebrates the world’s diversity.  It "introduces several little princesses from around the globe. Each princess is distinguished with her own favorite animal and unique crown. Showcasing the differences that make each person special, this cheerful and colorful exploration also includes a special ending that reveals the royalty behind every princess."  (Product description,, where the book and other titles by Ms. Freeman are available for sale.)

For more information about Princess Arabella and the other princesses Ms. Freeman writes about and has manufactured in doll form, visit her websites:  or




  1. I just love that the story is an esteem promoter. The doll is an absolute cutie. Awesome!

  2. Hi Hugs,

    I agree, dolls and books that promote self-esteem in the minds of the young are very appealing.



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