Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vanessa is going to Russia!

The first of my eBay free listings has sold:  Vanessa, the first 40-inch AA ball-jointed doll manufactured for the US market.  I have mixed emotions.  Yes, I need the space that Vanessa occupied.  She is an extremely heavy doll, which makes her difficult for me to manipulate (my back hurts when I lift her).  But to send a child... I mean a doll to a new home makes me a little sad.  I wonder how Vanessa "feels." 

Based on pictures I took of her when she arrived last year, I think she has enjoyed her time here, but she may be a little nervous, too, not knowing what's in store for her at her new home.

Vanessa (far left) playing mommy in the doll room as others look on

The easy part is over (the listing, the sale). Now the hard part of really letting go and actually lugging her to the PO (after payment is received) to send her on her way is not as easy.  But I know I will live through it.

With one down and several more listings to go, I hope they sell and I hope I will be able to let go a lot easier than it appears I will be able to let Vanessa go. 



  1. Good luck, Vanessa! Best wishes for an easy trip to Russia and a happy life once you reach there.

  2. Thank you, D7ana! I am packed and ready to go.



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