Friday, July 8, 2011

Ultra Basic Esme Caught Cross-Dressing

Ultra Basic Esme by Robert Tonner

Ultra Basic Esme arrived in December 2009 wearing only a white body suit, ready to be dressed by me.  She has worn several different fashions during her time here but only one was by her artist, Robert Tonner.

Esme's last two outfits were Franklin Mint's Vive Jacqui that she swapped out for the black sheath worn by Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama.  Because Michelle's sheath and shoes were a little loose on Esme, I could no longer ignore her request for me to find something more suitable for her to wear.  I did that earlier this week. 

Ultra Basic Esme in Somers and Field fashion
Esme is now dressed in the National Gallery fashion made for Somers and Field Daisy and Willow dolls.   Daisy and Willow are not as well-endowed as Esme, which causes the dress to fit a little snug across the bust area.  Other than that, the chartreuse and navy blue, mini-length dress looks tailor made for Esme.  The navy blue thigh-high tights and faux suede shoes with gold-encircled pearl accents on the vamp are also a perfect fit.  Esme holds a pyramid-shaped navy blue handbag with gold chain strap and navy blue gloves.  Unfortunately, the gloves are too small. 

I pierced Esme's ears because she insisted on wearing the gold-encircled pearl earrings from the Jackie Bear ensemble that I mentioned in a recent blog.  I agree with her; the earrings are a nice touch.

Esme took another photograph to illustrate her new mod look from the back.

She and I are quite pleased with the new look. 

Doll Cross-Dressing:  Dressing a doll made by one artist or manufacturer in another artist's or manufacturer's fashion.   Did you think I meant gender cross-dressing?



  1. Of course, I thought you meant gender cross dressing. lol. I kept waiting for the pin striped tuxedo suit. She looks good in her new outfit. I love the tights and the earrings.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa! There are no pinstriped suits here, at least none that will fit Esme.


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