Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Radiant Child Remi Towers Above the Rest

Radiant Child Remi with other male dolls and action figures for height comparison
After repairing and photographing Integrity's Remi, I realized he stands much taller than the other guys here, but I wanted to know just how much taller. 

At 13-1/2 inches, Remi is 2 inches taller than the shortest figures shown in the above image (Hot Toys TrueType AA a.k.a. "Terrence Howard" and Hasbro's GI Joe).  Remi is at least three fourths of an inch taller than the tallest in the group (Triad's ebony-complexioned Omega).

The images below provide a better visual of just how tall Remi towers above the rest of the guys.

Remi and Omega (13-1/2 vs 12-1/4 inches)

Remi and Tyr (13-1/2 vs 12 inches)

Remi and World Peacekeepers action figure (13-1/2 vs 11-3/4 inches)

Remi and Darren (13-1/2 vs 11-3/4 inches)

Remi and Integrity's Tariq (13-1/2 vs 12 inches)

Remi and Hot Toys "Obama" (13-1/2 vs 12 inches)

Remi and Mattel's Dre (13-1/2 vs 11-1/2 inches)

Remi and "Terrence" (13-1/2 vs 11-1/2 inches)

Remi and GI Joe (13-1/2 vs 11-1/2 inches)


  1. Wow, he's going to make our guys develop a complex!

  2. Wow. Wish I had him in my collection. Congratulations on getting him. He looks incredibly cute.

  3. He's soooo handsome! I love dolls from Integrity Toys, I have to buy any doll.

  4. Hi Dani - he is amazingly tall. I hope you're able to find him.

    D7ana -- Hmmm... do you want the doll or a human replica? Thanks for the congrats?

    Paumar -- I agree; he's very handsome. He is my fourth Integrity male.


  5. He is a very nice looking doll. Is the height with or without shoes? How tall is he in comparison to other Integrity Toys male figures? I heard that this doll sold out in a few hours. I that true? Will they do another release?

  6. Hi Ms. Leo,

    All dolls were measured with shoes on. The only other Integrity males I have are Tariq (used in the comparison), a hybrid Darius (not used in the comparison), and another doll from their play line from years ago, Jordan; also not used in the comparison.

    Remi is an inch and a half taller than Tariq. I am not sure how tall the manufactured Darius stands with shoes on; so I can't compare.

    I don't think Remi sold out within hours, but he did sell out quickly. I ordered him during the same week he debuted, but not on the first day. Selling out in days is probably a more accurate description.

    Based on his popularity, I'm sure we'll see other versions of Remi. We could ask Integrity.


  7. His afro probably makes him a tad taller than Darius. On paper they are the same 13.5in, but that is probably tip of actual head to toes.

  8. I'm sure you're right about remi's Afro making him appear taller than Darius, who remains on my wish list.



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