Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For the Love of Dolls and Family

I received a call from my 5, soon-to-be, 6-year-old niece this past Sunday.  After answering, "Hello."  Niece, over the speaker phone, enthusiastically said, "Aunt Debbie, I love your book!"   Confused, I tried to recall which children's book I might have possibly sent her that she could be reporting she loved.  Then I heard my sister say, "She's talking about your doll book."  Oh, I thought.

My sister went on to explain that Niece saw the book on her bedroom bookshelf where it had been placed  after I sent Niece's autographed copy in 2008.  With Niece being 3 at the time, after their initial review of the book, my sister placed it on a top shelf for safekeeping.   Sunday, Niece asked if she could see it and commented how much she loved it.  My sister suggested she call to let me know.

I thanked my niece for the compliment, told her I hope she continues to enjoy the book, and asked if she saw a doll in it that she liked.  "Oh, yes!" she said.  "She's in a wheelchair."

Confused once again, I told her, "I don't have a doll that's in a wheelchair."  To further describe the doll, Niece said, "She has lots of pretty hair."  Sister thumbed through the pages of the book and located My Twinn Cuddy Sister Jasmine and said, "She's on page 195!" 

After chuckling, I said, "She's not in a wheelchair.  That's a rocking chair."  I shared with Sister that I had recently listed items on eBay and had seriously considered listing Jasmine.  

My Twinn Cuddly Sister Jasmine

Purchased several months ago as birthday gifts for my Niece, Bree and Fancy Nancy pose before departure.
 Because she loves her, this week My Twinn Cuddly Sisters Jasmine (minus her chair) will accompany Bree and Fancy Nancy to a Mid-Atlantic state to live with my niece. 

Since Sunday, Niece has viewed my book several times, even falling asleep in the process.  Most little girls love looking at dolls in person and even in doll books.  They love doll surprises, too.



  1. How sweet is that! I am glad that she will be able to get the doll she liked.

  2. One of the great strengths of your books is the wealth of high quality photos. No wonder your book entranced your niece. I have fallen asleep gazing at the pictures myself and had sweet dolly dreams all night!

  3. Nice to learn that little girls still love dolls. Especially nice that the little girl is a relative of yours. Like the collecting bug has embraced some of your family members.

  4. Hi Vanessa -- I'm glad she expressed interest in Jasmine before I found a new home for her.

    Limbe Dolls -- Thank you for the compliment on the images used Black Dolls and for sharing that they have incited sweet dolly dreams.

    D7ana -- I am always pleased when I see or hear of little girls enjoying dolls. It sheds hope that they will also enjoy their childhoods for the entire duration and not become premature wanna-be women.


  5. This touched my heart. Yes, it is good to see that girls still love dolls, but what I find more delightful is that brown girls can see themselves in their brown dolls. And Ms. Garrett you are able to share facts about these brown dolls in your wonderful books. What a legacy you're leaving for many generations to come. Just like McDonald's slogan. "I'm Loving It!"

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Brown girls seeing themselves in their dolls (and loving it) delights me, too, Sandy.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about this subject.



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