Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th in Pictures

Celebrating 4th of July, clockwise, Laura Tuzio Ross (Tevin-lying down), Adora (Jamar), Apple Valley doll kit (Milee), Middleton (1st Generation), and Adora (Name Your Own Baby) -- Photo taken in 2004
I viewed images of dolls dressed in Fourth of July-themed fashions dating back to 2004.  All outfits were either sewn by my friend, Debra Richardson, or courtesy of her.  I enjoyed looking at the photographs of dolls redressed in prior years as well as photographing this year's dolls redressed in fashions sewn by Debra and the new doll (dressed by the manufacturer) that I received from her.  I hope you enjoy the images, too.

Lil Bittie Kayla* by Lorna Miller Sands, First Generation (Middleton), Carisma* by Lorna Miller Sands celebrate the 4th of July 2005
Lorna Miller Sands' Carisma*, July 4, 2005
Lorna Miller Sands' Lil Bittie Kayla*, July 4, 2005

Vogue's Ginny, Kish's Anjali, Tonner's Dru* and Georgia* July 4, 2006

Kuki* by Annette Himstedt July 4, 2007
My Twinn dolls, Karen* and Berkeley*, July 2011

Robert Tonner's Dru dressed in "Anchors Aweigh" fashion (doll and fashion, a gift from D. Richardson), July 2011

Madame Alexander's American Flag Wendy last year's gift from Debra, rephotographed this year

*Dolls are dressed in fashions sewn by Debra Richardson.



  1. Oh, I love them all, but the twin's are my fav...such talent! We'd love to have you come and follow us so we can keep in touch with your work. We are one of you new followers. Thanks for coming over. Hugs!

  2. They all look like they are ready for a good old fashioned potato sack race. Very cute!

  3. Loretta - Debra is very talented.

    Limbe Dolls - The older kids do look ready for a potato sack race and a fireworks show.


  4. This was so nice! You had some real cuties there and some of my favorite artists, Laura Tuzio-Ross being at the top of the list.

  5. Thanks, Vanessa. Glad you enjoyed my trip down memory lane of dolls dressed for the Fourth.

    Laura Tuzio Ross's babies are the best.



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