Friday, September 20, 2013

Dolls 'n Peeples

I am not a moviegoer.  If nothing on TV interests me, when in the mood to sit for some two hours, I will stream a movie or on a very rare occasion rent a DVD.    

Peeples was released in theaters in May of this year and is already on DVD (Internet-captured photo shows David Alan Grier, Kerry Washington, and Craig Robinson.)

This past weekend I wanted to watch something totally non-thought provoking that would stimulate my funny bone.  Not slapstick or buffoonery, but something silly because I wanted to laugh out loud.  I paid a whole dollar and twenty cents at Redbox to rent Peeples starring Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson, Tyler James Williams of Everybody Hates Chris fame, and an unknown-to-me actor, Craig Robinson.  I enjoyed the cameo roles of Diahann Carroll and Melvin Van Peebles as the parents of Grier's character.

Karito Kids:  Gia, Zoe, Lulu, Pita, and Wan Ling (Internet-captured photo)

I won't go into the storyline, but the highlight of the movie for me was the doll hospital where familiar dolls were patients.  I immediately recognized the Karito Kids scattered about the doll hospital on the two occasions the brother of Craig Robinson worked on his inanimate patients.  In one scene, he attempts to repair the head of a blonde doll dressed in Gia's green jacket; and in another, Lulu is seen in the background.

Of course I wanted to see more of the dolls, but the movie served its intended purpose to give me the comedic fix I needed.  I did, in fact, laugh out loud a couple of times and giggled quite a few more.


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