Monday, September 16, 2013

More Sparkle Girlz

I went back to Walmart to check for new Fashion Madness Kenya stock, hoping to find TJ, Dwayne, and Keyshia.  No such luck occurred.  However, I did notice the quantity of the Kelly-sized Sparkle Girlz had diminished from approximately 24 when I was there originally (minus the four I purchased that day) to six!

I purchased six additional Sparkle Girlz -- Walmart's remaining quantity.

With the thought of using them as ornaments still fresh in my mind, I scooped up the remaining six.  I'll add these to the two I purchased for my friend and possibly use the two I purchased for myself, depending on the size tabletop Christmas tree I find.

All 10 Sparkle Girlz -- the four in front are the original ones purchased.

As I stood in the 20 Items or Less line clutching the six new Sparkle Girlz in my arms along with a box of unsalted crackers, a woman walked up and asked, "How much were those dolls?"  I replied, "$2.47, but there aren't any more."  She expressed her disappointment, but I wasn't about to share.  (I have a tree to decorate, I thought ☺.)


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