Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Caribbean-Bound Dolls Aim to Delight

Caribbean-bound dolls
Facebook friend, Frantz Brent-Harris, who is also a fellow member of the Facebook Group, Black and Beautiful Dolls, posted the above picture with the caption:   First set of girls getting ready for their flight to Jamaica, another set to go to Trinidad soon, thanks to all my dolly friends...

So I asked if I had missed a request to donate dolls.  He replied:

I wanted to send some Black dolls for some young girls in Jamaica and Trinidad, but did not have enough, so offered to buy and got some to buy... and some donated.  So it's not too late to donate.

I gathered up 7 girls yesterday to send to Frantz after obtaining his Ontario, Canada address.  If they arrive in time, the dolls I am sending will be sent in the next package he plans to mail to the Caribbean on October 3, 2013.   

Frantz gave me permission to share information about what he is doing with the readers of this blog and answered a couple of questions regarding his act of kindness:

Are you only sending Black dolls?

Yes, I am only sending Black dolls.

I have been involved in three exhibitions where I showed the dolls I created as well as some of the Black Barbies and Tonners from my collection. The response of Black women seeing Black dolls was amazing, many of them told me that they had never seen a Black fashion doll or a Black Barbie, and had never owned a Black doll growing up.   So my reason for doing this is because I realized a doll is an influential object; fashion dolls are the society’s representations idealized physical perfection.  A Black fashion doll therefore becomes a very powerful form of validation, especially for Black women and girls. This fact was so evident from the comments I heard during my exhibitions. 

It is hard to find a Black doll in North America; it is even harder to find a Black doll in the Caribbean (which is where I am from) and quality dolls are unbelievably pricey.  

Are you only sending fashion dolls?
I was only sending fashion dolls because those were the only type I had, and they are small so I can’t send more dolls in one package, so if the baby/child dolls are small I would welcome them.

Thank you again,


For those who are not familiar with Frantz's own doll art, he is the creator of Sona Dolls, which are 16-inch platinum silicone curvaceous beauties.  According to his website, he has collected and customized dolls for many years.  He is also a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor. 

He also has a big heart. 

If interested in donating playscale (11-1/2 to 12-inch) fashion dolls to Frantz to be sent to the Caribbean, please email him at ( for further details.
These are the ones I am sending:

Full view and closeup shot of first Barbies, SIS Trichelle, and one Stardoll (far right).  I had to debox the swimsuit Barbie for it to fit in the shipping box.

After dressing Trichelle in this My Scene fashion, I found the removable roller skates that attach to the sneakers.  Not shown, is the helmet I found after taking the above photo to illustrate the skates. 

Full view and close-up of three additional Barbies that are Caribbean bound by way of Ontario, Canada:  Celebration Barbie; redressed Barbie that I think I had someone root the lashes for years ago and he did apply the beauty mole; and finally a Target-exclusive brunette Desiree/Barbie.

I hope these and the others Frantz is sending will make several little ones and their mom's happy.


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