Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black History Artifact Leads to Doll Find

I purchased Dream Wedding Barbie from Toys R Us, circa 1994 (box date is 1993).  I had forgotten where I stored the box until today.

My mother called to find out if I still have the print of the painting, The Gleaners by Jean-Fran├žois Millet that Daddy acquired after his aunt (my great aunt) passed during the late 1960s or early 1970s.  My mind says Aunt Ida passed in 1968, but I am not sure.  What I know for sure is the painting has been in my possession, framed, and hung over my fireplace since at least 1987.  Mama wanted to "borrow" it to take to church as a Black History artifact this coming Sunday.   The Gleaners was painted by a French artist and the subjects are French peasants.  Therefore, the only way it qualifies as a Black History artifact is that it was once owned by my aunt. 

I suggested she instead take a book that is also in my possession.  Reading – Literature Second Reader by Margaret Free and Harriette Taylor Treadwell.  This book was given to my sister by another great aunt (our mother's aunt) during the 1980s.  Once the property of the State of Texas, the book was issued to students from 1919 through 1923.  Mama agreed to take the book instead of the painting.

After our call ended, I went to my file closet to locate the book, which is where I store my paper dolls, pertinent papers, and a couple of Dolls of the World (DOTW) Barbies due to lack of shelf space where the other DOTW are stored.  After moving the paper dolls and removing two DOTW Barbie boxes, I found my long lost Dream Wedding Barbie set, which contains my one and only African American Todd.
I am so glad my mother asked to borrow The Gleaners, that I suggested Aunt Lucy's book instead, and ever so glad she did not ask to use one of my dolls as a Black History artifact!

Reading-Literature: Second Reader by Margaret Free and Harriette Taylor Treadwell, first published in 1912 by Rowe, Peterson & Co. is available as a free eBook through the Google eBookstore.  

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  1. Great post Debbie! I have wondered how your mother was doing!! Glad to read she doing well!! This makes me wonder just where or where is my set like this!


  2. Thanks Lee!

    It's nice that you've wondered about my mother. She is well.

    I think you also had a set like the Army pair that I blogged about after this blog (or you were either looking for it at one time).

    I thought about you earlier today when I saw this eBay listing for Carla.

  3. I have those dolls too. I greatly admire you ability to keep them in boxes! Mine have been deboxed for quite some time. You collection needs to be in its' own museum. You need to start one! It is a great teaching lesson.

  4. Ms. Leo - you are the third or fourth person to mention the word, "museum" to me. This serves as confirmation that I need to do what I have been putting off doing due to the poor excuse "lack of time."

    Thanks for the encouragement!



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