Friday, February 19, 2010

MIBDH: Shindana's Disco Wanda and Other 70's Dolls

My first waking thoughts about her today and D7ana's comment about Disco Wanda forced this blog.  She's pictured above in a scan from page 1 of the 1978 Shindana catalogue along with Shindana's 15-inch Marla Gibbs depicting her role as Florence from The Jefferson's sit-com.  There were three versions of Disco Wanda, as shown.  Each came with an extra outfit. At 11-1/2 inches, Disco Wanda is taller than Shindana's first fashion doll, Career Girl Wanda.

Click on the image to enlarge for a better view of Disco Wanda's pretty face. 


Soul is from the World of Love doll series by Hasbro, 1971, another doll mentioned as a favorite by D7ana in another comment.  This one was purchased for $6 after having been preloved and redressed.  Like Career Girl Wanda, Soul is 9 inches tall.  


Skye is an 11-1/2-inch fashion-action doll by Kenner, 1975, friend of white counterpart, DustySkye is all vinyl, poseable, and has fully articulated spring-loaded arms and torso with jointed wrists.  She wears a pink swimsuit.  Additional boxed fashions were sold separately.  The 1976 version is poseable but does not have the jointed wrists or spring-loaded arms and torso.  That version wears a yellow swimsuit.


Finally, the original Happy Family by Mattel, 1974, includes father Hal, mother Hattie, and baby Hon.  Mom and Dad are dressed in colorful outfits.  Sold separately and not pictured (and not part of my collection... at least I don't recall owning them) are the Happy Family Grandparents from 1976.  Grandfather is 9-1/2 inches, has gray, rooted hair, a full beard and mustache.  Grandmother is 9 inches and has white, rooted hair.




  1. Claps hands. Oh, good to see them!

    That's "my" Disco Wanda in the middle with the turquoise off shoulder blouse and matching half-turban and the diagonal-striped skirt. (Yes, some clothes were that ugly in 1978, LOL!) Disco Wanda is one of my happier, exuberant dolls. I'll post a photo of her at my blog.

    Marla Gibbs was too big to fit in with my mostly playscale crew so I never had her although I did think Shindana got her likeness. Pity about the size though.

    I never had Soul. Could not find her. All of my Love friends were stolen when I left them outside one day. Yeah - d'oh, I live/lived in a big city, what should I expect? I have what was my sister's broken Love and possibly Adam's head somewhere.

    Neither Dusty nor Skye were ever in my collection. Actually, they weren't quite as ugly as I and others said (then), but they were a 180 degree turn from pretty, delicate Barbie and Tuesday Taylor, Taylor Jones. Ack!

    Debbie, you probably have a Taylor Jones, too? Now she was pretty. Big feet but I was in my teens then and I had big feet.

    Hal and Hattie Happy, the original Happy Famiy, I still have somewhere. Hattie lost an eye - I much, much prefer painted eyed dolls for playscale dolls. Sigh.

    Thanks for this trip down Memory Lane, DBG!

  2. Glad you enjoyed going "back down memory lane... save me!" (Minnie Riperton). Yes, I have Taylor Jones. I actually took her down to photograph with the dolls in this blog, but I thought it would be too lengthy. She, Dana, and Tuesday Taylor are in my collection. How about Cool Cuts Kara... familiar with her?

  3. Peace:
    I had a SKYE doll, "back in the day". I wish I still had it! :-)

  4. Saw your new Wanda article and the link to this one. Now I see your question about Cool Cuts Kara ... no, I only had Ballerina Kara. And I didn't have Darci's friend Dana at all. I'd like to get that Dana someday ;-)


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